Montessori Curriculum
Based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Maria Montessori, our classrooms are thoughtfully designed environments that encourage self-directed exploration and individualized learning experiences.
Montessori Life Skills Practical Life Skills Guiding children towards personal and social responsibility. Montessori Sensory Skills Sensory Learning Stimulating children's learning through the senses. Montessori Math Curriculum Math Building children's mathematical skills to solve problems.
Practical Life Skills

Purposeful activities enhance concentration and focus through caring for the self and the environment, fine motor coordination, and practicing grace and courtesy. These appeal to the child's need for movement and order, independence, and social relationships as they build practical life skills.

Sensory Learning

Montessori materials and hands-on activities stimulate sensory discovery and description, while maximizing the child's natural desire to explore, classify, and order their surroundings. Children learn concepts of mass, width, length, temperature, and other physical properties.


Using carefully prepared tools and math manipulatives, children are led through a logical mathematical thought process - from concrete to abstract thinking - to understand concepts like linear counting, the decimal system, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Montessori Language Arts Curriculum Language & Literacy Developing a child's literacy through adaptive learning approaches. Montessori Social Studies Cultural & Social Studies Providing experiences that enhance a child's global view of the world. Montessori Social Skills Peace & Social Skills Helping children to build friendships and interact peacefully in the world.
Language & Literacy

Our thoughtfully-planned Montessori school classroom environment encourages growth in oral language, written expression, reading, and grammar elements to build literacy skills. The approach to reading instruction is phonics-based and highly sequential, with additional accommodations adapted to different types of learners.

Cultural & Social Studies

Multicultural studies lay a foundation of mutual understanding by exposing children to geography, history, physical, and life science basics. In the Montessori school setting, children gain an awareness of the world around them by exploring other countries, their customs, foods, languages, and wildlife.

Peace & Social Skills

Peace education consists of opportunities and experiences for children to develop social skills and an ability to understand and access peace within themselves, interact peacefully with others using conflict resolution and social interaction strategies, and eventually engage in activities that create a peaceful planet.

Montessori Art Lessons Art Developing children's appreciation for art through open-ended instruction. Montessori Foreign Language Foreign Language Growing children's communication skills in non-native languages. Montessori Music Lessons Music Enhancing children's learning through musical activities and experiences.

The art education area in a Montessori classroom provides developmentally appropriate and open-ended experiences that foster creativity and sensory development.

Foreign Language

Capitalizing on the young child's propensity for language acquisition, foreign language is integrated into the prepared environment through individual and small group instruction utilizing hands-on materials and experiential, conversational interaction at Bright Horizons Montessori schools.


Music is incorporated in the classrooms in many ways throughout the day. From transition times to lessons, music and song is infused throughout the day. Montessori bells and other instruments are available for experimentation and formal instruction.

Montessori Gardening with Kids Garden Growing a child's appreciation for science, nature and the world all around. Find a Elementary or Montessori School Find a Montessori School Near You

Lessons in the outdoor environment help children develop an understanding of and appreciation for the complexity and interdependence of our living world. The children develop the scientific skills of exploration, observation, experimentation, and conservation.

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