When school is out, Bright Horizons' extended day programs provide before and after school care.

Bright Horizons® recognizes the growing physical, intellectual, and social competence of the increasingly independent school-age child. Eager to achieve socially and academically while expanding their knowledge of the world, 6- to 12-year olds seek new challenges, close friendships, and increasing responsibilities.

Our programs offer enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment for maturing school-age children. This includes before-school and after-school care, back-up or emergency care for school holidays and closings, and exciting summer day camp programs for children up to age 12. Please contact a local center to check availability of before- and after-school programs.

SchoolsOUT is a before- and after-school care program that balances time to learn with time to play with friends, and finishing homework with sports and other physical activities. These programs are available for school-age children to bridge the time between school and a parent's work schedule, as well as to provide full-time child care during school breaks and summer vacation.

At this stage of childhood education, children want to discover who they are and to pursue their own interests. They want opportunities to create things, explore acting and drama, master computers, discover new books, and construct imaginary worlds with recycled materials. Whenever school is out, our SchoolsOUT program is there to encourage a child's desire for new challenges and opportunities that celebrate their expanding world. Learn more about our drop-in or emergency child care programs.

Summer Camp
Bright Horizons summer camp programs for preschool through school-age children offer a wealth of enrichment activities such as sports, field trips, cooking, computer explorations, and theater workshops. Learn more about our Camp Explorations summer day camp activities and programs.

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