Kindergarten Curriculum for School Readiness
Our World at Their Fingertips curriculum creates a a developmentally appropriate learning environment that empowers children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.
Literacy Curriculum Language Works Developing kindergarteners’ reading skills and ability to communicate. Math Curriculum Math Counts Building the math skills kindergarteners need to solve everyday problems. Science Curriculum Science Rocks Building scientific competencies to enhance critical thinking.
Language Works

As children grow, their capacity to communicate becomes paramount to their interactions. Our kindergarten teachers lead classroom projects that ensure children aren't merely memorizing letters and imitating sounds but building vocabulary, phonemic awareness, writing, and reading readiness, by:


  • Writing their name and simple letters to friends and family
  • Retelling stories and hypothesizing outcomes
  • Identifying sight words and using them in meaningful ways
  • Enjoying reading high-quality books with support from a teacher
Math Counts

Kindergarteners are fascinated by numerical concepts and mathematical thinking. In our kindergarten classrooms, teachers create experiences for children to explore the fundamental concepts of geometry, algebra, and statistics, such as:


  • Constructing complex block structures that include size comparisons and balancing
  • Counting and adding on an abacus
  • Measuring and charting our classmates’ height, jumping distance, etc.
  • Solving more complex number problems
Science Rocks

Enthusiastic, engaged, and curious kindergarteners are poised for scientific discovery. With the help of our kindergarten curriculum, Bright Horizons teachers develop science and technology learning opportunities for children to make queries, test hypotheses, investigate properties, explore scientific phenomenon, and make profound discoveries, by:


  • Classifying and charting scientific properties of items
  • Exploring animals live or online, observing them in their environments, and recording observations
  • Using tools to explore concepts of magnetic force
  • Participating in long-term scientific experiments
  • Interacting with varied types of technology including microscopes, cameras, computers, audio recorders
Child Art Projects ArtSmart Extending kindergarteners’ art skills through open-ended and process-oriented experiences. Social Responsibility for Kids Our World Preparing kindergarteners to live a meaningful, responsible, and fulfilling life. Kid's Nutrition Well Aware Helping kindergarteners make increasingly responsible health and wellness choices.

As children grow, their ability to engage in complex projects increases, paving the way for vibrant, creative, and expressive artistic endeavors. Our kindergarten teachers engage children in authentic art activities that not only develop an appreciation for the arts but also enhance development in academic areas, such as:


  • Exploring the work of famous artists and experimenting with different styles
  • Hearing and replicating complex musical beats and rhythms
  • Participating in sequenced movement activities such as yoga and square dancing
  • Assigning roles, using costumes, and setting the stage for plays
Our World

Kindergarten students are becoming aware of the world and their ability to make an impact in it. Our kindergarten programs offer children opportunities to learn about social studies, geography, and civics while fostering the development of their emotional intelligence, citizenship, and social skills, such as:


  • Making items to donate to local charities or participating in community service projects
  • Exploring world cultures online or in non-fiction books
  • Using negotiation and conflict-resolution skills when interacting with peers
  • Interacting with classroom visitors
  • Setting up a classroom recycling station
Well Aware

Physical health and development are as critical to a child’s learning ability as any other area of development. Child nutrition, fitness, and health are emphasized in Bright Horizons kindergarten classrooms. Our kindergarten teachers ensure children are engaging in daily activities that advance their understanding of wellness, nutrition, and safety, such as:


  • Exploring, discussing, and charting foods and food groups
  • Establishing safety rules while playing on the playground and other common areas
  • Using balls, scooters, jump ropes and hula hoops to build coordination
  • Taking pulses and learning how physical activity helps the heart and muscles