Global Services

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Maximize Your Talent

Everywhere your employees live and work, they face similar challenges: nurturing their careers while caring for their families. Yet while the challenges are universal, the solutions often take local forms. Let our experts help you assess the true needs of your workforce and create solutions that meet local requirements, reflect your culture, and help you win more great people.


Areas of Expertise

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Dependent Care

Get expert analysis of the economic, regulatory, and educational dynamics of child care around the world

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Benefit Equity

Deliver a consistent set of supports that reflects local conditions, and helps you achieve your organizational goals

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Talent Strategies

Gain a recruiting and retention edge in key geographies by responding to employees’ top local needs

How We Help

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Local Knowledge

Every global market is unique. And we have the local resources, the knowledge, and the on-the-ground experience to give you a firm and clear understanding of business opportunities, cultural expectations, working family needs, and regulatory requirements for family care. That means you can ramp up and work with confidence.

  • Employee interviews and focus groups
  • Exchanges with local government and business leaders
  • In-depth analysis, with clear and actionable takeaways
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    Global Perspective

    Employees around the world expect equitable benefits. Our consultants address this challenge, successfully helping large and multinational employers find the right mix of total rewards that address locally acute recruiting and retention issues, while maintaining global fairness throughout the world.

  • Total rewards portfolio assessments
  • Global rewards benchmarking
  • ROI modeling for dependent care and other new benefits
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    Best Practice Frameworks

    Expanding organizations require partners who can meet needs in new regions. Our established models drive successful dependent care programs in virtually any market - including countries where a lack of regulations requires the establishment of child care standards. The goal is programs that are both successful today, and built to last.

  • Best practices for education and care standards
  • Safety, hygiene, and staff development guidance
  • Detailed models for projecting demand, budget drivers, and revenues
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    Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.