Student Loan Support

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Meet a Top Employee Need

Shorten loans, reduce interest payments, and answer the $2-trillion question on every employee’s mind: how to take charge of education debt? A benefit that sets you apart.


Powerful Tools, Impressive Results

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Flexible Design

We design and manage your program based on your goals — company-wide or targeted for a specific population. Let us show you how easy it is to get started.

  • Best practices from the industry’s longest-running student loan benefit provider
  • Configurable platform that automates your unique rules 
  • Optional student loan repayments to maximize retention
  • Works in conjunction with workforce education programs
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Student Loan Coaching

Managing student loans is one of the most complex aspects of financial wellness, and mistakes can be costly. Help your employees achieve lasting financial wellness by giving them personalized coaching from true student debt experts. Our impartial coaches help employees build action plans that meet their unique student debt repayment goals.

  • Understand and prioritize different types of student loan debt
  • Assess and compare consolidation and refinancing options
  • Understand and use loan forgiveness options
  • Meet their specific debt repayment goals
  • Communicate the value of the student loan repayment benefit
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Education Benefits Platform

Support employees through all aspects of their education in a simpler, more efficient, and more employee-centric way than you thought possible. Bright Horizons'® education benefits platform manages both student loan repayment and tuition assistance programs, providing a consistent user experience for employee participants and HR alike.

  • Simple, guided navigation for employee participants
  • SOC-2 certification - the highest security standards to protect your data
  • Detailed reporting highlights participation and retention growth


Employees need skills for the new world of work. Find out how Bright Horizons can help your team.