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Industry Spotlight:


Continuous learning is core to broadening our colleagues’ perspectives and necessary for innovation. Additionally, new skills improve colleagues’ ability to cope with stress and build resiliency.


- Candace Jodice, Vice President, Benefits

CVS Health

Employees work in a world of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. We must find new ways to give them knowledge and skills required to succeed. Our solutions should be simple, relevant to the moment of need, and most importantly, effective.


- Tom Spahr, Human Resources Vice President – Talent Management and Development

The Home Depot

As the skills of the future continue to evolve, there’s one skill to sharpen that will unlock all the others: learn how to learn in the fast-paced, rapidly changing, modern world.


- David Campbell, Vice President, Chief Learning Officer

Children’s Health

The past year has absolutely accelerated the focus on a skills-based versus line-of-business-based approach to learning and career development.


- Josh Bronstein, Head of Learning and Leadership Development

Bank of America

The evolving marketplace is pushing employees to build skills that are relevant now and tomorrow. Learning tools and purposeful development provide employees with the resources to compete and grow in this ever-changing landscape.


- Christy Harris, Senior Vice President, Talent Management & Inclusive Diversity

Allstate Insurance Company

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