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Enable high performers by supporting employees at every life stage.


On-Site Child Care

Half of Americans struggle to find affordable, high-quality child care. Elevate your brand and outcompete for talent by solving the child care challenge for the working parents you need.

Back-Up Care

Avoid absences and preserve business continuity with a nationwide network that can quickly solve child and elder care gaps -- and get your employees to work.

Elder Care

Employees don’t talk about it, but elder care is today’s hidden productivity challenge. Improve performance and support well-being for the millions of employees who become caregivers every year.

College Coach

Stand out to mid-career parents with unique and time-saving advice about college admissions, college financing, and every other phase of their child's education.

Enhanced Family Supports

Answer challenges across your workforce by providing convenient access and exclusive discounts to services such as pet care, housekeepers, nannies, and tutors.

Tuition Subsidies

Help solve employees' critical child care challenges quickly and flexibly for them to get back to their jobs with the confidence that their children are receiving the highest-quality care.

Solutions For All Life Stages

Personal challenges diminish performance throughout your workforce and the challenges change with every life stage. Bright Horizons Family Solutions allows you to address all of these challenges, removing obstacles at every life stage, preventing costly turnover, strengthening engagement, and reaffirming your commitment to all employees.

Expecting Parents

Return-to-work programs support people during the critical first year as new parents. Potential flight risks can become your most committed and engaged employees

Parents of Preschoolers

Avoid absences and costly turnover with a back-up plan that fills child care gaps anytime -- during a parent's search for full-time care, or if a regular child care center or nanny falls through

Parents of School-Agers

Preserve talent pipelines with support for older children (answers to difficult educational, social, and developmental questions), and an important reminder that parental support doesn't stop when child care does

Parents of Teens

Win critical mid-career employees with expert coaching for a child's college admissions process - and an enviable benefit that says working parents with older children matter too

Employees with Elders

Get back some of the 14 annual workdays lost to elder care, and communicate support for people with these difficult and time-consuming responsibilities

More than 1,000 of the world’s most recognized employers across industries turn to Bright Horizons to implement strategic solutions that cultivate high-performance workforces and retain their most talented employees. The below guides are designed to help with your evaluation and creation of family education and care benefit programs that support your employees and their families.

Guide to back-up care & beyond

Discover the key elements of a successful back-up care program and other family care and education benefits.

Guide to creating a child care center

Learn how to implement a one-of-a-kind child care center for your organization.

Guide to family care benefits for healthcare employers

Recruit and retain top healthcare talent by offering family care benefits that meet their unique needs.

Guide to selecting a partner to manage your center

Discover how to choose an experienced partner to navigate complex challenges and maximize the value of your center.

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Support working families across the globe with powerful solutions that remove obstacles, reduce stress, and create lasting engagement at every life stage.

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Industry Expertise

Answer the unique talent obstacles of your industry.

Industry Spotlight:


“Little Ohana will offer convenient, quality, onsite child care. Together with Bright Horizons, we've opened doors large and small to unveil a safe and stimulating place that will bring Salesforce families joy, peace of mind, and the ability to focus on both their work and their little ones.”


- Cindy Robbins, President and Chief People Officer


“Our child development centers and other family-focused services provide our employees a work/life balance that helps them to succeed both within the company and in their personal lives.”


- Johanna Mercier, Head of U.S. Commercial

Bristol-Myers Squibb

“We want to partner with someone who believes in education and actively promotes it. That’s what we get with Bright Horizons.”


- Erik Sossa, Vice President of Global Benefits & Wellness


“The Bright Horizons program has been an incredibly huge win. It's high value, low effort, and incredibly appreciated - and that's been a winning formula, both for the organization and for the employees. It's really a win-win.”


- David Kasiarz, SVP Global Compensation & Benefits

American Express

“We could not have somebody who’s supposed to be doing surgery at 6 o’clock in the morning worrying all night about what their back-up child care was going to be.”


- Rosemary Cius, Sr. Benefits Manager

Weill Cornell Medical College


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.