Education programs designed to meet employees’ goals – and yours.


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Enterprise Education

Organization-wide education support that engages and motivates people at every level and reinforces your culture of learning.

  • Support diverse learning needs, from frontlines to executives
  • Help people see the possibilities of — and achieve — future roles
  • Match employees to best-fit programs, from certificates to MBAs 
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Tailored Education

Exciting new opportunities for employees that address your specific talent challenges, from hard-to-fill roles to emerging skills gaps.

  • Target the education needs of a specific employee group or position
  • Support frontline employees by removing financial and other barriers to education
  • Meet regulatory requirements through education and training
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Dependent Tuition

Comprehensive management of financial grants for employees’ children — a benefit that sets your organization apart.

  • Full-service administration including rules, compliance, and tax laws
  • Integrated platform that manages your benefit alongside all other education benefits you offer
  • Highest levels of information security for your employee data


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User-Friendly Platform

Centralize all your programs — education assistance, student loan support, dependent tuition — on one platform that’s automated for efficient administration, and backed by our live customer support.

  • End-to-end process management including applications, approvals, and payments
  • Consolidated reporting for instant view into performance and impact
  • Dynamic messaging that reinforces your culture and practices
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Start-to-Finish Coaching

Empower employees and increase academic success rates with the advantage of expert education and finance coaches who’ve supported more than 50,000 adult learners across the finish line.

  • Guide employees through the many choices of the complex education landscape
  • Give game-changing start-to-finish educational guidance to first-time students
  • Expedite degrees and reduce costs by helping employees find credits for life experience and prior learning
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Education Partnerships

Maximize tuition dollars and streamline time to completion within our network of 200-plus colleges, universities, and non-degree programs.

  • More reduced-cost options than any other supplier, including exclusive programs such as Bright Horizons FastTrack
  • Education providers specializing in the needs of adult learners
  • Formats ranging from traditional degrees at nationally accredited colleges to certificates and other alternative formats




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