Parents Talk: The Best Child Care Experience

See Why They Love Bright Horizons

Engaged and passionate teachers, support for every child’s individual development, a combination of academics and fun, convenience, peace of mind, and more — it all comes together to create an early education program parents can’t live without. 

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How Bright Horizons Works for Our Family

Meg was impressed by Bright Horizons right away. Why? Incredibly engaged and knowledgeable teachers, easy communication, and peace of mind. 

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Happy Parents; Happy Kids

Parents talk all about their child care decision — why they enrolled, what they love about their experience, and more.
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Ready for kindergarten

Hazel’s mom shares how the teachers’ guidance on self-soothing transformed her daughter’s experience. Watch as Hazel blossoms into a confident little leader, ready to shine in her classroom. Now, says her mom, “She’s ready to be a leader in her classroom."

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Love & Nurturing

Thankful for the immeasurable kindness that went into raising their daughter


A Huge Influence

The center has been an amazing partner in the development of this family’s children


Teachers Who Care

Open and positive communication and daily updates make all the difference


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We Asked & Parents Told Us: Why Child Care Works

What do you find reassuring about the child care environment?

We’ve been with the center since my daughter was three months of age and now, she’s almost four. I’ve watched her grow; I’ve watched her develop. I know we are living in unprecedented times — it is so different than anything we could have imagined, but I have been reassured from day one about the safety and nurturing environment that Bright Horizons has provided for my family. My daughter learned to write her name during this pandemic, so while there are so many things happening around us that are concerning, I see these silver linings. I see that her education and her chance to grow as a child wasn’t severely impacted, which I am — and will always be — eternally grateful for.

What factored into your decision to enroll in child care?

Having Isaac home while we were both working from home was a full-time job in itself — in addition to our regular full-time jobs. One of the reasons we decided to have him return to daycare was that we wanted him to be around his peers, to have that social development, and to interact with his teachers and children around his age group. The second reason was that he was honestly ready to go back — he’s an only child and he missed being around other children. We are all just really glad that we made the decision to return. He’s definitely happy being back around his friends.

What are the best aspects of having child care?

Learning, learning, learning! My daughter comes home and shows us so many things that she’s learned, whether it’s sign language, a new word, or even how she can do certain things. She is almost one — she’s a bit of a daredevil and tends to get into things, but her teachers have helped her learn about cause and effect. Child care has been very beneficial for my daughter’s development and has also created a routine for her. Plus, it makes my life easier because she’s not cranky or fussy when she comes home. As scary as it was during the pandemic, we figured that continuing to go to child care was important for her because it was a familiar environment and routine. And I think that’s important for her development.