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Parent Perspectives


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“I have been reassured from day one…

…about the safety and the nurturing environment that Bright Horizons has provided for our family.”
video icon parent perspectives

“We wanted Isaac to be around his peers…

…and to have that social development in a setting where he is interacting with his teachers and children around his age group.”
video icon parent perspectives

“It would be beneficial for her to go…

…because she wouldn’t be taken out of her routine and I think that is important for developmental skills for children at a young age..”


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Getting to Know Us

One family’s quick journey from newcomer to old friend

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“I Love Everything about Bright Horizons!”

First-day jitters melted away by a space that’s peaceful, safe, and loving

Zito Family

All Smiles

Impressed and relieved with how well everything was structured


We asked parents: What’s it like to be in child care today?

Q: How did you decide that enrolling during the pandemic was the right choice?

A: Bringing the girls back to school has given us a sense of normalcy. In a way, it makes us feel like we are back before COVID. It’s given us a routine again; allowed the girls to have their friends; the sense that their childhood was back. And that is something we cherish and appreciate now more than ever. We saw how they were when we were at home. We have a yard for them to play in, and I tried my best to be their teacher. But I don’t have the know-how. It’s been good to have them back at the center. I wouldn’t change anything.

Q: What was it like parenting at the beginning of the pandemic, and what’s it like now?

A: Professionally, I have a very demanding job that requires meetings day and night across multiple time zones. Before Bright Horizons opened, the word “challenging” was an understatement to describe the job of attending to my son’s needs during the day and getting my work done. It was very frustrating and exhausting. Since my son has returned to child care, he is happy every day to be playing with his friends, engaging with teachers and staff members, and fully benefiting from the wonderful socialization child care provides. From the daily drop-off and pick-up process; to walking to and from the playground; to the timely and transparent communication…all of the steps are well executed, giving me added reassurance that my son is at the best environment, one that is safe and nurturing. I am able to focus on my work and other aspects of my life during the day, and can dedicate quality time to spend with my son when he is at home. And we could not be happier.

Q: What gives you confidence and reassurance now that you’re back in child care?

A: Reenrolling our son back in child care during a pandemic came with some anxiety. It is something my husband and I talked about at length to make sure we had the right plan in place for our family. We knew we made the right decision because what brought us to Bright Horizons was our shared values of family, community, and inclusivity. The staff and teachers are just wonderful; we know they go above and beyond to deliver the best experience for our son. And as a parent, what more can you ask for, especially during these times. If you are a parent looking for child care right now and are looking for a safe, supportive, caring community that you can trust, Bright Horizons should be your choice. The love and care that the staff and teachers and students have for each other is unparalleled. And during these times when we are looking for communities to come together with, our experience could not have been better. And we are deeply grateful for that.


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