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Celebrate love and friendship this month with our experts’ top book recommendations for every age group. We’ve even got storytelling tips and ways you can extend your child’s learning.

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Join featured authors and Bright Horizons teachers as they read beautiful and engaging Growing Readers books for children of all ages.

  • May Your Life Be Deliciosa

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  • Red House, Brown Mouse

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  • Everybody in the Red Brick Building

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  • Animals Go Vroom!

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  • We All Play

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  • Shapes

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  • So You Want to Be an Owl

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  • The Elephant's New Shoe

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  • Mayhem at the Museum

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  • Peekaboo Farm

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  • My Family, Your Family

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May Your Life Be Deliciosa

Join Teacher Nate and Ms. Dary for this month's video featuring the book "May Your Life Be Deliciosa.” This lovely story celebrates tradition, food, and family.

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For the past 20 years, the Growing Readers program at Bright Horizons® has helped thousands of parents share the joy of reading with their children. We can help you, too, with enriching book recommendations, storytelling tips, and more to guide you along the way.

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