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20th Anniversary Book List

Our special 20th anniversary issue of Growing Readers Review is out! Our panel — made up of our own early education experts — have chosen their top 20 favorite books.

Take a look at the titles that made the list!

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Growing Readers Book Club

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Join Bright Horizons teachers as they read beautiful and engaging Growing Readers books for children of all ages.

  • Shapes

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  • So You Want to Be an Owl

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  • The Elephant's New Shoe

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  • Mayhem at the Museum

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  • Peekaboo Farm

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  • My Family, Your Family

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  • Snail Crossing

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This month's video features the book “Shapes” by Shelley Rotner and Anne Woodhull. Join Teacher Nate in discovering the many shapes found in our schools, communities, and homes by playing a shape scavenger hunt game!

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