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Answer a Growing Threat to Performance

Twenty percent of your employees are quietly caring for elders, managing the equivalent of an additional full-time job. Support every aspect of their elder caregiving journey, and in turn reduce absences, improve performance, and free people to support your business goals.

Family Care Benefits

An Employer’s Guide

No two employees are the same, and your benefits package needs to reflect that. Use this guide to learn how to select the right benefits and create a program that meets every employee’s unique needs.


Why Elder Care

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Surging Demand

Twenty million people become elder caregivers each year

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Long-term Impacts

Employees spend an average of four years caring for an aging loved one

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Career Conflicts

70% of caregivers will scale back careers to provide care

Complete Support for Elder Caregivers

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Access to Essential Tools

Bright Horizons Elder Care guides employees through this complex, time-consuming, and emotional responsibility, providing the real help they need. One platform provides access to key services, from advice to in-home care. Plus, unique online tools simplify management, putting order to complex tasks that often arrive without warning. Our care platform enables employees to:

  • Confidentially document, store, and easily reference a care recipient’s health history and care plan
  • Track and manage appointments, medicine dosages, exercise regimens, and other caregiving duties  
  • Share information, communicate, and stay in sync with family, in-home aides, and other members of the care team
  • Communicate with their Care Coach and share files and information
  • Reserve vetted in-home caregivers through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care (if service is available)
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Personalized Guidance

Impartial, experienced Care Coaches restore peace of mind, providing advice for all stages of the unpredictable elder care journey. Look to Care Coaches for:

  • Phone consultations and family conference calls to create and manage a workable care plan
  • Research and information across any type of elder care category, including Medicare
  • Critical advice for current needs and recommended resources for long-term arrangements
  • Assistance with understanding and filling out complex paperwork
  • Referrals to financial and legal professionals for no-cost consultations and in-depth advice on estate planning, wills, trusts, power of attorney, and other key tasks
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On-Site Assessments

No-cost, in-home evaluations by certified Aging Life Care Professionals assess current elder living environments and make recommendations for evolving needs.

  • Interviews with adults/elders and their caregivers
  • Holistic assessment of care recipient’s physical and mental health
  • Customized strategies for addressing declining mobility or cognitive function
  • Follow-up care plan coordinated with Care Coach
  • Proposed modifications for the ongoing safety and well-being of the care recipient


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.