Allow your child to learn through self-direction, exploration and individualized educational experiences at a Bright Horizons Montessori.


Bright Horizons® Montessori schools provide children - from infants up to 5th grade in some locations - with an education that helps them achieve academic success and reach their full potential. Montessori is an educational approach grounded in the belief that children learn best within an environment that respects and nurtures their individual, unique potential. Children in a Montessori school program develop at their own pace through sequenced learning experiences provided in a carefully prepared classroom environment.

Under the direction of specially trained Montessori teachers, purposeful learning activities promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, intellectual curiosity, physical coordination, and cognitive preparation.


Based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Maria Montessori, our classrooms are thoughtfully designed environments that encourage self-directed exploration and individualized learning experiences:
  • Practical Life Skills - guiding children towards personal and social responsibility
  • Sensory Learning - stimulating children's learning through the senses
  • Math - building children's mathematical skills to solve problems
  • Language & Literacy - developing a child's literacy through adaptive learning approaches
  • Cultural & Social Studies - providing experiences that enhance a child's global view of the world
  • Peace & Social Skills - helping children build friendships and interact peacefully in the world
  • Art - developing children's appreciation for art through open-ended instruction
  • Foreign Language - growing children's communication skills in non-native languages
  • Music - enhancing children's learning through musical activities and experiences
  • Garden - growing children's appreciation for science, nature and the world all around