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Daycare Waiting List

When your local daycare has a waiting list

While finding a quality child care provider can be a challenge, it’s even more frustrating to have found the daycare that’s the right fit for your child – only to spend months or years on a daycare waiting list.

As a leading child care provider, Bright Horizons offers thousands of child care centers across the country, enabling parents to more easily find high-quality access to child care and early education programs. When you want to skip the daycare waiting list at your local daycares and enroll your child in a nationally recognized program, Bright Horizons offers a wide range of programs with locations, hours and schedules designed for working families.

Skip the daycare waiting list with Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons provides child care and early education programs for children at every age and stage before kindergarten. Once enrolled in our programs, you can avoid the daycare waiting list as your child seamlessly transitions from baby daycare to toddler care, then to preschool and pre-K programs. Once you start your journey with Bright Horizons, any younger siblings will have preference for enrollment, further simplifying your child care experience.

Our proven approach to early education

At Bright Horizons, we offer an approach to early learning that goes far beyond most daycare centers. Our emergent curriculum has been proven by researchers to effectively prepare children for elementary school.

Our World at Their Fingertips curriculum is designed to make learning come alive. Our educators meet children where they are developmentally, observing what interests them and motivates them to learn, and leveraging those very things to support them in their development.

Highlights of our curriculum:

  • To immerse children in meaningful learning with projects and play-based activities
  • To support each child’s cognitive, social, and physical development with well-rounded care
  • To inspire children to ask questions, solve problems, and explore their curiosity about how things work
  • To provide the necessary academic preparation to succeed in kindergarten and beyond
  • To promote social-emotional learning and important social skills, helping children to express themselves, resolve conflict, and work cooperatively
  • To provide joyful environments with media and materials that inspire children to explore
  • To deliver 21st century skills that enable our graduates to manage the academic, social, and behavioral expectations of the first year of elementary school and beyond


What we promise every family

Every family deserves high-quality child care that works with their schedule and routine. With our convenient locations, flexible hours, and customizable care plans, we provide care uniquely designed for the needs of working families.

As a leader in early education, we promise to provide:

  • Nurturing for the whole child: body, mind, and social self
  • A curriculum based on the latest research in the most effective early education techniques
  • A respectful and inclusive community where children feel safe and loved
  • Support for each teacher in their professional career so they can offer your child the best care
  • The encouragement each child needs to build self-confidence
  • Thoughtfully created and joyful environments where children feel safe and loved


What parents say about our programs

Here’s what parents and educators have to say about Bright Horizons graduates:

  • More than 93% of kindergarten teachers call Bright Horizons’ graduates “school ready” with the social and academic skills (writing, reading, math) they need.
  • 97% of parents report their child entered elementary school prepared and ready to meet the demands of their new school.
  • 97% of parents said their child entered school with the ability to approach a challenge in an innovative or creative way.
  • 98% of Bright Horizons’ parents and teachers agree Bright Horizons’ graduates entered elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning.
  • 94% of teachers said that Bright Horizons’ graduates were ready to accept new responsibilities and greater independence.
  • 93% of teachers agree that the Bright Horizons’ graduates in their classrooms were well prepared with the literacy and math skills they needed for academic success.
  • 97% of Bright Horizons parents say their children are able to collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively.


FAQs: Does Bright Horizons have a daycare waiting list?

Does Bright Horizons have a daycare waiting list?

Yes. Because we limit our enrollment to provide children with individualized learning experiences, child care centers may fill up. Each center provides a daycare waiting list that lets families register and be notified as soon as space becomes available.

How do I enroll my child in a Bright Horizons center?

The enrollment process varies by center. Visit the website of your nearest center to obtain more details. If your first choice center is full, you can still register to be added to the daycare waiting list.

Where is the nearest Bright Horizons center?

You may use our Find a Center search tool to find the center nearest you. Register today to reserve a space at one of our daycares or to add your name to a daycare waiting list.

Does Bright Horizons offer programs for children with special needs?

Yes. Since we take an individualized approach to child care, our centers are able to accommodate children with special needs. We facilitate collaboration between parents, specialists, teachers, and directors to develop a specialized care plan for special needs students that maximizes learning opportunities while eliminating barriers and safety issues.

Does Bright Horizons perform background checks on employees?

Yes, we conduct comprehensive background checks on every staff member, as well as every frequent visitor in our classrooms. Our checks consist of a county criminal record check for every county where a person has lived, worked, or studied in the past seven years. We also perform a search of sex offender and OFAC databases to make sure there is no conviction or suspicious behavior that might cast doubt on a person’s suitability to care for children.
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