A Little More Time Please!

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It took a recent survey on women from around the world to show that we (women) are over-worked, over-extended, over-stressed and under-served by business (according to the Boston Consulting Group). They surveyed over 12,000 women in 21 countries using a fairly extensive survey tool, and have written a book on the findings.
The results were not surprising except in the extent of the problem and the global nature of the phenomenon:

  • 47% of women report the big stress in their lives is the demand on their time
  • 48% of women say they feel pressure related to managing household finances
It goes on to say that women want more time and work/life balance, fulfillment, and love and connection. The report has a lot of interesting data on what women around the world want in life, but frankly I didn't find too many surprises.

However, data can open doors to change, and it may be worth reviewing this report for ways to position your efforts to meet the needs of employees and potentially your customer base as well.
Now that fall is here, how does the issue of time (and its finite nature) affect your daily life Any ideas on how to get it all done and be happy?

Written by: Andrea Wicks Bowles

September 15, 2020

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Andrea Wicks Bowles at Bright Horizons

As Senior Consultant, Director Global Initiatives, Horizons Workforce Consulting, Andrea works with Bright Horizons clients to enhance the effectiveness of their employees and strengthen their position as an employer of choice. Her knowledge of global child care policies, organizational effectiveness, and work/life industry trends combined with analytical skills is used to help clients uncover their unique issues and challenges. Andrea, a frequent speaker at work/life conferences, is a key contributor to Bright Horizons' research investigations.