Celebrating the People Who Make Workdays Happen!

Bright Horizons call center employee with an ICM certification

Around here, we know that getting people from “What am I going to do, the nanny is sick?” to “On my way to work!” really does take a village.

And a big part of our village -- the folks at our contact center who take those “OMG!” back-up-care requests and turn them into hundreds of thousands of saved work days every year -- just accomplished a major feat: a lightening-speed certification from the International Customer Management Institute (ICM).

To which we say:


The rapid-fire ascent doesn’t surprise us. Every day these folks turn OMG into WGT (we got this), finding care for clients so they can a) get to work and b) don’t have to take time out to search for care themselves. And they regularly earn props like this and this

Still, the swift advancement is extremely rare, and supports lots of great things for us (and so the folks we provide back-up care for), including:  

Financial efficiency

Customer loyalty 

Best practices

Employee engagement and satisfaction

Business intelligence and analytics 

And that’s good for employees, working families – and our clients. 

"Achieving world-class performance across the numerous people, process and technology benchmarks covered in ICMI’s certification program enables organizations to deliver an optimal customer experience," said Tara Gibb, ICMI’s Group Portfolio Director. "Given their high performance via the assessment and audit, Bright Horizons is clearly committed to providing a world-class experience for their customers, and the ICMI team congratulates them on their accomplishment."

We couldn’t agree more. 

Congrats, folks – and thanks for saving the day!

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

August 15, 2019

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Lisa Oppenheimer at Bright Horizons

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