The Secret to ROI from Your Employer Tuition Assistance

virtual education fair 2018

Around here, we love hearing people find the confidence to go back to school.

And last week, let's just say love was definitely in the air.

"Thank you so much! You were awesome!" 

"I feel like I can do this now!" 

"I am going to do this!!"

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What's the secret? Showing people how it's done.

The Secret to Learning and Earning

To a busy employee with a job, a life, and maybe a couple of kids, the ascent of a college degree can seem positively Alpine-like.

But over a period of just a few hours, our virtual education fair showed people the ropes, talking up the "how" of going back to school, turning wannabe students into believers, illustrating that scaling the learning-and-earning mountain really is possible.

The result? More than a thousand people who are seeing school in their future.

It's the magic behind educational advising, and the reason it drives employer tuition assistance that collects real ROI. Why? Because it takes more than merely hanging out a tuition benefit to get people on board. People need to see not just school...but possibilities. They often don't know college is more than traditional campuses: they don't realize they may have life experience that can translate to actual college credit, they're unaware that those classes they took for unfinished degrees might take months -- or even years -- off a degree.

So good, solid expert advisors...they're like a mountain guide with an ice axe.

For employees, it's the difference between "I can't" and "I can."

For employers it's real skills to avoid gaps.

For us, it's just our happy place.

To all of our attendees: thanks for coming, and all the best for those future degrees.

And to our EdAssist advisors -- thanks,'re the best!
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virtual education fair 2018

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