Young child in daycare learns sensory skills with magnifying glass

A Proven Approach to Education

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Discovery Driven Learning™ nurtures children’s natural curiosity and focuses on what interests them most. When children ask questions, we say, “Let’s find out!”

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Why Discovery Driven Learning?

Children are natural scientists, inventors, and explorers. Bright Horizons Discovery Driven Learning puts their curiosity at the center of every experience. 
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Project & Play Based

Immersive learning experiences that foster a joyful childhood, encourage relationship-building, and develop a foundation for future success.

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Whole Child Curriculum

Support for all skills — cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, physical — to develop future learners, leaders, and citizens.

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Individualized Learning for Each Child

A one-of-a-kind child assessment process that provides teachers with real-time insight into children’s development that can inform lesson planning and teaching.

Informed by Science, Driven by Discovery

At Bright Horizons, we make learning an adventure. Find out more about our Discovery Driven Learning approach.

Our Curriculum

Our research-based World at Their Fingertips® curriculum builds confidence and excitement about learning at every age and stage and helps children get ready for all the big steps ahead.
Young boy plays with legos in daycare

    Curriculum elements include:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Language and Literacy
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • STEM
  • Thinking and Learning
  • Visual and Creative Arts
  • Toward a Better World: Community, Character, & Inclusion

A Proven Approach for School Readiness

What parents and teachers have to say about Bright Horizons graduates


of parents report their child entered elementary school prepared and ready to meet the demands of their new school.

Skills for the Modern World

Our integrated and emergent curriculum gives young children the ability to expand beyond strong foundations in reading, writing, and math to understand not just what to learn, but how to learn.


of Bright Horizons’ parents and teachers agree Bright Horizons’ graduates entered elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Bright Horizons teachers encourage children to ask questions, fostering more than just an interest in facts -- but a thirst to understand how things work.


of parents said their child entered school with the ability to approach a challenge in an innovative or creative way.

Developing Executive Function

In our classrooms, education is more than facts and figures, but inspires children to innovate, problem solve, and apply information in creative and resourceful manners.


of teachers agree that the Bright Horizons’ graduates in their classrooms were well prepared with the literacy and math skills they needed for academic success.

Prepared for 21st Century Skills

Our graduates leave our centers confident students who are ready to manage the academic, social, and behavioral expectations of the first year of elementary school and beyond.


of teachers said that Bright Horizons graduates were ready to accept new responsibilities and greater independence.

Social-Emotional Learning

Curriculum elements such as Caring Matters and Toward a Better World support important social skills, helping children to express themselves, resolve conflict, and work cooperatively with classmates and teachers.

Curriculum in Action

Smithsonian Discoveries Building and Construction Project Challenge

Bright Horizons at Rockville

This Kindergarten Prep class designed and built their own Bright Horizons center model — complete with furnished classrooms and students — to conclude their Smithsonian Discoveries Buildings and Construction Project Challenge. This challenge is part of our collaboration with the Smithsonian® that brings museum learning into our classrooms.

Smithsonian Discoveries Music and Sound Project Challenge

Bright Horizons at Hunters Green

An artifact comes to life! The children in Ms. Summer’s class learned about Louis Armstrong’s trumpet and also explored a real-life trumpet — all through the Smithsonian Discoveries Music and Sound Project Challenge.

Learning Science in the Playground!

Bright Horizons at Hingham Shipyard

Teachers decorated the infant playground with sensory items such as ribbon mobiles, paper circle mobiles, and cellophane paper. By being exposed to a sensory-rich environment, the infants enhanced their scientific inquiry skills. As they watched the ribbons blow in the wind, they were introduced to the concept of cause and effect!

Working Together to Brighten Someone's Day

After a discussion about how not all children are able to be home during the holidays, the class gathered up colorful paper, markers, crayons, and other materials, and worked together to create cards for hospitalized children all over the country.

For All the Marbles!

The Centre School

Students divided into groups and designed their own marble runs by using paper tubes, cardboard, rocks, popsicle sticks, glue, and tape. Children experimented with the effects of changing slopes, the direction of incline planes, the positional directions of rolling objects, angles, and more.

Learning the Impact of Plants!

Bright Horizons at Fan Pier

Children learned how to germinate garden beans using the greenhouse effect and began the process of growing grass and wildflowers in the indoor garden. Learning to care for plants promotes an understanding of how important preserving our natural resources such as water, sunshine and soil are to grow and sustain life.

A Lesson in Another Language!

Bright Horizons at Parkway North

Students celebrated diversity by participating in a month-long project about the country of France! After learning about the French language, each morning the students stretched while counting out loud to ten in French!

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