On-Demand Webinar - Child Care Crisis: Employer Solutions for the Summer & Beyond

Mother smiling and playing with daughter in garden outside

Closed child care centers, fewer camps, work conflicting with kids’ schedules; last year’s challenges were a major disruption for working parents. 
This year, they don’t have to be.
Employers are staring down another uncertain summer and more acute child care shortages after COVID-19 than before it began. Yet they have the chance to ready their working parents with a solid game plan - one that can preserve productivity, energize exhausted parents, and save careers. 
Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The latest data on the magnitude of the child care shortage today, and the long-term ramifications for employers, working parents, and careers
  • How employer approaches to dependent care have evolved during the pandemic, and what’s coming next
  • Specifics on the expanding menu of options for employers to address child care and school supervision gaps for their workforce
  • Key working parent considerations for summer, back-to-school, and office reopening plans

Get the tools your workforce needs for the next phase of the pandemic, and the recovery ahead.

About the Speakers

Jill Wilson

Jill joined Carter's in 2009 as Vice President of Human Resources. In 2010, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Talent Development. She has extensive experience in a broad range of human resource disciplines including global talent management, organizational development, learning and development, compensation, benefits, talent acquisition, and mergers.

Caitlin Codella Low

In Caitlin's role she’s dedicated to strengthening the nation’s educational standards and the quality of its workforce. She oversees the Chamber Foundation’s programs for early childhood education, K‒12 education and leads the center’s commitment to college- and career- readiness. Over the years Caitlin has played a significant role in developing and implementing many of the Chamber Foundation's education programs and initiatives.

Jennifer Vena

Ms. Vena has more than 20 years of experience conducting dependent care needs assessments and developing strategic work/life balance initiatives for clients including the University of Southern California, Applied Biosystems, and Universal Studios.