Beyond Degrees: Using Targeted Learning To Broaden Your Tuition Program

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Duration: 1 Hour

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Hear from Lockheed Martin Corporation and Children’s Mercy Hospital about why they now include targeted learning in their tuition programs. Expanding education benefits to include certificates, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and industry certifications results in:

Lower costs – hundreds rather than thousands of dollars
Faster knowledge delivery – completion in months rather than years
Greater business relevance – tightly-focused, skill-specific learning

Watch the webinar to learn about the business impact of adding targeted learning to your own tuition program and to hear results from organizations that have made the change.

About the Speakers

Katie Gaulding, Senior Manager, Enterprise Talent & Professional Development, Lockheed Martin

Katie manages Leadership Development and coaching at Lockheed Martin, and oversees strategy and policy for its Enterprise Tuition Assistance program. Previously, Katie served as the Director of Education Services for Amisys Synertech, Inc.

Jenifer Wilson, Talent Advancement Analyst, Children’s Mercy

Jenifer Wilson, MS, PHR, has been with Children’s Mercy for more than 10 years. She completed her higher education in HR as a working adult and is committed to helping Children’s Mercy employees achieve their goals as well.