HR Bartender Talks Inclusive Education Assistance

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What’s the secret to education programs that reach frontlines?

Making your rules inclusive. 

So explains Sharlyn Lauby on her popular HR Bartender site about the how – and just as important, the why – of building education assistance programs that can reach your entire workforce.

“According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report,” writes Sharlyn, “94% of employees say they would stay with a company longer if the organization invested in their learning.” That number becomes even more impressive for frontlines, where turnover in some industries is at record levels. “That’s a significant statistic,” she says.

A few takeaways about building truly inclusive programs:

  • Learning needs to be more than one thing: Some employees want bursts of learning; others in-depth study. Reimbursing for  degrees as well as GEDs language courses, certifications, and other credentials and programs expands your program’s reach, and so its effect  
  • Rules are make-or-break: Who’s eligible, and how long they’ll have to wait after hire to participate, speak to prospective hires, and impact recruitment goals more than you think.
  • Names matter: The word “tuition” might turn away folks not angling for degrees; replacing it with “education” can improve perception – and so usage.  

“Learning can be a way to attract, engage, and keep talent,” concludes Sharlyn. 

“Employee educational benefits are a way to provide and support learning opportunities. But those programs must meet the needs of all employees, not just a handful.”

Thanks, Sharlyn – we couldn’t agree more! 

Listen for Sharlyn as a guest on our upcoming webinar, “Open Access: Effective Education Benefits for Frontline Workers,” on September 25th. 

And read the whole HR Bartender blog, here.

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Written by: Alan Robins

September 18, 2019

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Alan Robins at Bright Horizons

As Director of Product Marketing, Alan drives original research and thought leadership for Bright Horizons education benefits programs, drawing on his extensive experience helping companies optimize education programs to support their Talent and HR objectives. Prior to Bright Horizons, Alan was at Gartner, a global leader in providing advisory services to technology and business executives, where he led new product teams in Europe and the US.