Lighten the Mental Load: Strategies to Relieve Working Parents

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lighten the mental load, working parents, stress, burnout

Working parents are bringing an increasingly heavy mental weight with them to the office every day. Family obligations can sap these employees' time, energy and focus, negatively impacting their well-being and performance. This is especially true for working mothers, who still shoulder most of the burden for family care. 
Employers that fail to identify stressors impacting employee’s life beyond work — and offer appropriate support — risk having a less productive workforce and losing top talent. In this webinar, you'll learn the real implications of the mental load working parents carry and how to mitigate the top stressors.

Drawing from first-of-its-kind data, this webinar:

  • Reviews new findings on the true, measurable impact of mental load for employees
  • Assesses the root causes creating mental load at each employee life stage
  • Explores the programs and strategies employers can use to help ease mental load 

Strategies to Relieve Working Parents

Lighten the Mental Load