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Open Up Education To All

Traditional education solutions don’t work well for every employee. Even with access to a tuition program, frontline workers are often deterred by cost issues and lack of familiarity with a complex, educational world. Education Access delivers for those workers, offering affordable education with enhanced student support that gives more employees an achievable path to a degree.



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Proactive support from Student Success Coaches increase academic success and graduation rates

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Carefully selected education partners reduce the total cost of a degree by more than 60%

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Technology-enabled, self-paced learning methods move employees quickly towards their degree

How We Help

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Quality Education

Education Access has carefully chosen cost-effective, high-quality educational institutions, all with solid track records of supporting working adult learners to academic success. Together, these partners provide a path to more than 40 business-specific majors. Our educational partnerships include:

  • Accredited High School Diplomas 
  • English language support
  • Self-paced general education college courses
  • Leading regionally accredited universities
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Increase Student Success

Many employees, particularly frontline workers with limited academic experience, can find it challenging to tackle a degree program. Education Access supports students with confidence-building resources that increase academic achievement and improve graduation rates:

  • A structured path leading to a bachelor’s degree
  • An enhanced team of Student Success Coaches
  • Proactive outreach and regular check-ins
  • Education programs built for the working adult
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Solve Affordability Issues

Cost is a significant barrier to education, particularly for employees earning lower incomes. Education Access, with accelerated programs and zero-out-of-pocket options, makes higher education affordable to all employees, addressing cost barriers through:

  • Heavily reduced tuition fees 
  • Competency-based learning programs
  • Options to remove up-front tuition payment
  • Financial wellness coaching related to education 
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