Bright Horizons strives to be a positive influence in our communities by living up to the highest ethical standards, pursuing socially-minded business practices, providing rewarding career opportunities, delivering high-quality care and early education, and giving back to our communities.  Bright Horizons proudly stands behind our many employees who give their time in service to others. We also work together to support the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children and its mission to bring Bright Spaces® to children and families in homeless shelters.

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Bright Horizons proudly stands behind our many employees who give their time, offering them grants and awards for the hard work they do to make the world a better place.   We also work together to support the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children and its important mission to bring Bright Spaces to children and families in homeless shelters. 
Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

The Foundation, a non-profit organization founded 1999, reaches beyond the walls of our centers, schools, and programs to at-risk children and families and into the broader community. The Foundation supports programs provide children and families with nurturing, creative environments and support and facilitate the development of strong families through a range of programs that serve children and families through volunteers, grants, and resources. The Foundation’s signature program is Bright Spaces.

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Bright Spaces®

The Bright Spaces program creates and supports play areas that brighten the lives of homeless children and families in crisis. Bright Spaces are warm, safe, enriching places in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and other agencies for at-risk children and youth. In a Bright Space® children and their families can build caring relationships, heal from trauma through play, and experience the joy of childhood. Please take a moment to see the impact of some recently opened Bright Spaces.

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Watch Video

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Brightening Lives Activities

Bright Lives Activities are ways for groups of Bright Horizons employees, their families, center families, clients, and community partners to come together and volunteer in a hands-on service project. In 2019, more than 3,000 Bright Horizons employees participated in over 100 Brightening Lives Activities.


Other Community Initiatives

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Bright Horizons joined the OneTen initiative in July 2021. OneTen is a coalition of employers committed to upskilling, hiring, and promoting 1 million Black individuals in America over the next 10 years in family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. Bright Horizons has the unique position of joining as both a participating employer and as a solution provider. Through our EdAssist division, we work as one of the talent developers focused on helping other OneTen employers build educational and employment pathways that support employees working towards further educational attainment. Through our Back-Up Care division, we are providing flexible family care services for those in the program removing one of the major barriers to pursuing education programs and career advancement.

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Tent Partnership for Refugees

Bright Horizons joined the Tent Partnership for Refugees in June 2021, a global network of companies committed to supporting refugees around the world. As an organization that is intentional in our actions to promote equity and inclusion, we share in Tent’s belief that refugees make our communities and our workforces stronger and engage with refugees as potential employees, introducing them to our welcoming culture and the rewarding field of early education.

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At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bright Horizons partnered with #FirstRespondersFirst, a partnerships of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Thrive Global, and the CAA Foundation, to support healthcare workers and other essential workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bright Horizons provided free high-quality, safe and nurturing care for the children of these critical first responders. During the height of the pandemic, Bright Horizons operated eight of these #FirstRespondersFirst child care centers across the United States.

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Bright Horizons at the Border: Efforts in McAllen, Texas

Since 2018, Bright Horizons and the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children together have been working to support children and families crossing the southern border into the U.S at the Humanitarian Respite Center (HRC) in McAllen, TX. Most recently, in partnership with the Bright Horizons Hispanic/Latino Employee Advisory Group, nearly 100 centers and schools created more than 3,000 hygiene kits for the children and families at the HRC.