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Infant Care

Infant care that lets your baby thrive

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new baby. You want infant care you can trust to provide a safe and supportive environment, and caregivers who will nurture your child in the early stages of their development.

Bright Horizons infant care programs offer thoughtfully designed centers and programs where your child can flourish, with experienced teachers to encourage their growth. Our highly personalized care plans honor the needs and routines of your family while supporting your baby’s first big milestones.

Bright Horizons: a great place for babies

With Bright Horizons infant care and newborn daycare, you can have confidence that your baby will get the nurture needed to support today’s milestones and tomorrow’s leaps toward the future. Our nurturing teachers and baby-friendly spaces create the ideal environment for your infant to develop new skills and build a foundation for toddlerhood. Our goal: to help your child’s passion for learning to bloom.

Highlights of our infant care programs include:

  • A primary caregiver assigned to each child for one-on-one attention, play and personal interaction
  • Soft, sensory-rich spaces for exploring, crawling, and developing new physical skills
  • Individualized care plans to home routines and nutritional guidelines
  • Cleanliness, safety, and security standards that match or surpass those set by state and local government and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Bright Horizons research-based World at Their Fingertips® curriculum meets children where they are developmentally, building confidence and a passion for learning at every age and stage. Our infant care program includes several signature practices that stimulate learning and encourage exploration.

  • Prime Times: Fostering nurturing relationships through one-on-one interaction
  • Daily Reading: Promoting listening, vocabulary and a passion for reading with infant-appropriate books
  • Art Activities: Cultivating imagination through pretend play, music, dance, and art-making
  • Sign Language: Practicing gestures to express needs such as “please” and “more” to build language skills
  • Treasure Baskets: Exposing infants to natural and everyday objects that spark curiosity and encourage exploration
  • Outdoor Discovery: Opportunities to explore nature and promote motor and sensory development in a new environment

Our caring teachers

With Bright Horizons infant care, you’ll find compassionate, observant, inspired individuals caring for your newborn. Our caregivers know exactly how to encourage each child in their growth and development, and they are passionate about sharing a love of learning with your baby.

We’re one of the only child care centers offering full financial support that enables our teachers to earn degrees in early education. With continual training and professional development, our investment in our teachers means you can be sure your child is in the best possible hands.

The benefits of Bright Horizons infant care

Advantages of Bright Horizons infant care include:

  • Convenient locations, extended hours, and year-round care to fit your family schedule
  • Full-time and part-time care plans
  • Healthy snacks in line with well-researched nutritional guidelines
  • Our My Bright Day™ app to keep you updated throughout the day with photos, important notifications, and updates on learning and milestones
  • Special opportunities for parent education and learn-at-home activities
  • Seamless transitions into toddler care, preschool and pre-K programs when your child is ready, with support from our team


Our promise to you

At Bright Horizons, we’re dedicated to providing individualized learning to inspire your child, one curious moment at a time. As early childhood educators, we promise to:

  • Offer an integrated curriculum based on expert research
  • Support and care for the whole child
  • Provide an emergent, inquiry-based approach to learning
  • Encourage curiosity and creativity through projects, exploration, and play
  • Enable children to be confident experimenters and problem solvers
  • Cultivate an inclusive and respectful community
  • Create joyful places for childhood
  • Train and develop each teacher

FAQs: How to choose the right infant care provider

How do I choose the right infant care provider?

When you leave your child with an infant care provider, you want to be sure that your baby is in the hands of experienced caregivers who will nurture your child’s growth and encourage their curiosity. At Bright Horizons, we provide:

  • Proven curriculum based on the latest research in early education
  • Balanced care to nurture the whole child (socially, emotionally, and physically)
  • Attentive teachers who are supported to continue their education
  • An environment where your child feels safe and supported from the moment they put their hands in ours, to the moment they put them back in yours
  • Locations and hours designed to fit your schedule
  • Resources for parents that help to continue learning at home

Does Bright Horizons offer part-time infant care?

Yes, we offer both full-time and part-time care plans for infants. You can work with your local Bright Horizons center to design a schedule that fits the way you work, and smooth transitions between each stage of care.

When can my baby start infant care with Bright Horizons?

You can enroll with Bright Horizons at any time. We recommend applying as early as possible to make sure you have access to the most convenient infant care location for your family.

Can I visit my infant during the day?

Yes, you are welcome to visit your baby whenever you’d like. Bright Horizons has an open-door policy for parents so you can share special moments with your child during the day.

Where is the nearest Bright Horizons infant care center?

To quickly find the closest infant care center, use our convenient Find a Center search tool

I’m not worried about her now, and I’ve never been worried about her. That center has become family to us. You never think someone is going to care as much about your child as you do. But I really think these teachers do. Their hearts are gold.
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Bright Horizons is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care. Employees looking to become a child care teacher are offered the opportunity to earn an early education degree for free as part of their corporate benefits. Search by zip to find a child care center near you. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.