Bright Horizons Joins White House to Offer Free Child Care for Vaccines

child care worker with child

June 2, 2021 – Bright Horizons has teamed up with the White House to offer free child care to help Americans get their COVID-19 vaccine. The initiative will help achieve the administration’s critical goal of getting 70% of American adults vaccinated by July 4. With summer break approaching, working parents have expressed concern over how and when they will be able to make it to a vaccination appointment.  

Bright Horizons partners with employers who collectively represent 10 million Americans to provide back-up care and together they will support parent access to vaccinations and give their employees the support they need to protect their health and health of their families. Starting immediately, employees at Mars, Levi Strauss, Santander and USAA, as well as other participating organizations, can secure back-up child care at a Bright Horizons early education and child care centers while they receive their first dose, second dose, or if they need time to recover from any side effects of the vaccination. Employees can access the free child care through July 4. 

 “We are proud to stand with the White House to help get our nation vaccinated against COVID-19 and support parents in their effort to keep their family and children safe. While young children are still unable to be vaccinated themselves, the best thing we can do to keep them healthy is to get those who live with, care for and teach children, inoculated against COVID-19,” said Stephen Kramer, Bright Horizons Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud of our client partners who are stepping up to support their employees in protecting their health and getting vaccinated.”

In addition to providing free child care for parents to get vaccinated, Bright Horizons has been providing a $100 incentive for its own teachers and employees to get vaccinated as part of a comprehensive education and awareness campaign to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations and maintaining healthy workplaces. 

The company has also been a leader in research to understand the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on working parents and their children’s development. The latest research can be found here.

A sample of participating employers includes:
COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority)
Cummins Power Generation Inc.
Edwards Lifesciences
Dimensional Fund Advisors
Levi Strauss
Mars, Incorporated
T. Rowe Price
Parents with access to Bright Horizons Back-up Care benefits can book their free child care here