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Employers are concerned about retaining employees with children – for good reason. There are between 30 and 60 million parents in the workforce and many play critical leadership roles that employers cannot afford to lose. Yet working parents face family and child care challenges that lead many to leave the workforce – or move to competitors with more family-friendly workplace cultures.

Onsite child care companies enable employers to address these challenges by providing access to affordable, high-quality care within the workplace that supports the needs of working families, enhances productivity, and boosts retention rates. When searching for a partner among onsite daycare companies, leading brands today trust the deep expertise and vast experience offered by Bright Horizons.

FAQs: What are On-Site Child Care Companies?

What are on-site child care companies?

On-site child care companies help employers design and manage child care centers within a workplace, providing high-quality, affordable child care for employees.

What services do on-site child care companies provide?

On-site child care companies like Bright Horizons can help business to design and develop child care centers based on assessments of demand, projections for utilization, and analysis of needs. On-site child care companies may also provide management of on-site or near-site child care centers, allowing employers to adopt turnkey solutions.

What are the benefits of on-site child care companies for workers?

On-site child care companies help employers provide quality, affordable child care that solves care challenges for workers. Reliable on-site care programs help to avoid breakdowns in care, reduce commute times, and allow workers to concentrate more fully on their jobs. 

The Need for On-Site Child Care

Child care challenges are a major stressor risk for working parents. The cost of child care can exceed the cost of college tuition in many places, and spaces in affordable, high-quality programs are in very short supply. As a result, increasing numbers of valuable employees are cutting back hours or leaving their jobs due to the struggles of balancing the demands of work with responsibilities at home. As the average age of parenthood rises, more of these employees are in high-level positions, making their departure more disruptive to business and their replacement more costly to hire. 

On-site child care companies provide a powerful solution: high-quality child care centers located at the workplace, designed to cater to the specific needs and schedules of employees. The convenience of on-site care minimizes disruptions and eases parents’ concerns, enabling them to stay focused on their work and business performance. Additionally, employer-sponsored child care promotes a family-friendly employer brand that helps to attract and retain the kind of talent businesses need to remain competitive.

Bright Horizons: a Leading On-Site Child Care Company

Bright Horizons is one of the nation’s leading on-site child care companies, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide high-quality child care centers that adapt to the unique demands of each workforce. With options for full-time, part-time, and back-up care, our programs help parents stay focused on their performance rather than worrying about managing child care.

Bright Horizons solutions include development and management of on-site child care centers. Our comprehensive development process enables employers to design programs that meet the needs of employees and maximize the returns on their investment. With Bright Horizons center development services, you’ll benefit from: 

In-depth needs analysis and utilization projections based on the demographics of your workforce
Budget modeling and financial sensitivity analysis on key budget drivers
Detailed site and facility analysis
Industry-leading expertise in design and programming

Our center management services enable employers to adopt turnkey child care programs run by experienced operations teams. We can create a custom educational program that reflects the culture of your company, handling everything from hiring, payroll, and benefits to education and curriculum to licensing, safety, and compliance.

The Business Benefits of On-Site Child Care

On-site child care companies like Bright Horizons allow employers to strategically adopt solutions that help employees manage the demands of their job and responsibilities at home. A better work-life balance enables working parents to advance their careers and make greater contributions to the company’s performance. 

Businesses that implement on-site employee daycare enjoy advantages that include:

Increased talent pool: Family-friendly employers appeal to a broader range of qualified candidates, retaining skilled parents who might otherwise opt out of the workforce and attracting talented prospects who have or who would like to start a family.
A competitive edge: Child care benefits are a potent strategy for filling positions quickly, ensuring a reliable talent pipeline to drive competitiveness.
Retain future leaders: On-site care helps to retain promising employees with children, enabling employers to build a loyal team of talented employees who can rise within the organization to provide future leadership.
Enhanced engagement: Solving child care challenges for employees significantly increases productivity and keeps employees stay engaged and motivated.

Additional Employee Benefits from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons provides comprehensive solutions that exceed the offerings of other on-site child care companies, helping employers to support employees through every life and career stage. Additional solutions from Bright Horizons include:

Return to work programs for moms: Enable new mothers to visualize their careers post-baby with personalized advising and a structured path back to the workplace. Bright Horizons helps employers establish proactive communication and clear support options to motivate mothers to resume their careers and adapt seamlessly back to working life. 
Emergency child care: Solve family care gaps and keep employees focused with dependable back-up care options for any emergency. Bright Horizons connects employees with center-based and in-home care for children, elders, and other family members, allowing employees to effortlessly coordinate care at a moment’s notice. 
Elder care: Support employees who are spending many off-work hours caring for elders. Bright Horizons elder care experts guide employees through the complex, time-consuming tasks of managing medical care appointments, working with healthcare aides, organizing documents and care plans, conducting on-site assessments, and arranging for in-home care.


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons offers more than a traditional daycare. It helps parents looking for education-based Boston daycare, NYC daycare, Chicago daycare, Washington, DC daycare, Los Angeles daycare, San Francisco daycare, Seattle daycare and local daycares in other cities. It also provides back-up daycare and elder care, employer-sponsored child care, employer tuition assistance, workforce education, and student loan repayment programs. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters is located in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.