Employer-Provided Daycare

Provide a corporate benefit that attracts and retains working parents

Nearly two-thirds of parents have difficulty finding high-quality, affordable child care - a challenge that directly affects career decisions. Solve their child care problem and you not only remake a potential turnover problem into a competitive advantage; you also transform your organization into a magnet for high-potential employees looking to build families and careers.

By providing flexible daycare options, your organization can compete for the best talent by appealing to working parents.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Employer-Provided Daycare

Are companies required to provide employee daycare?

No. There are no stringent laws that suggest that employers must help working parents find a daycare center. Employers may choose to improve productivity and retention among working parents in the workforce by providing an employee child care benefit such as back-up care or tuition subsidies

What’s the benefit to businesses who help provide daycare for the families of employees?

For businesses, employer-provided daycare is a high-impact benefit that drives retention and recruitment while helping to build a more productive workforce.

Why do working parents value employer-provided daycare?

Employer-provided daycare makes it easier for working parents to balance the demands of work and home life, enabling employees to be more productive in the workplace and to stay focused on advancing their careers.

Employer-Provided Daycare as an Employee Benefit

The pandemic presented a big challenge to many working parents and businesses and that is due to the absence of a good childcare system. Most of these working parents had no choice but to quit their jobs so they could pay attention to their children while some were laid off due to the downturn. This has made employer-provided daycare important for both the employees and business owners. However, most employers only focus on the benefits that are expensive and this has prevented them from providing daycare and other childcare benefits to their employees.

It is at this point that onsite child care benefits come in. Employer-provided daycare is a type of company-sponsored child care benefit that business owners can offer to their employees. It provides employers with the opportunity of choosing between controlling their daycare and contacting other childcare services from an outside company. This way employer gets the chance to offer their employees with a childcare facility during and after the traditional school day.  

Importance of Employer-Provided Daycare

Childcare remains a herculean task to businesses and it has a huge effect on the functionality of companies. About 50 million workers in the United States have a child under age 14 and this has only made it essential that employers relieve their workers by providing a good childcare system.

Employer-provided daycare is highly effective and beneficial to businesses. The pandemic has only shown the impact childcare has on the economy, so in the present highly competitive market, it is in the best interest of the company to provide daycare services to their employees.

While it may seem that this is only beneficial to the employees, it is more beneficial to business owners. Employer-provided daycare helps business owners to retain efficient and talented workers which will increase the productivity of the company. By providing daycare services to your employees, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to get 10 to 25 per cent of the entire cost every year. 

Employer-Provided Daycare from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons offers company sponsored child care services to employers and their staff. Dedicated to ensuring our customers' satisfaction and also offer excellent services, we have been functioning in this capacity for more than 30 years and our services remain unrivalled.

We provide services that will be helpful to the employees and will also fit the budget of the employers. So, you can depend on Bright Horizon to help provide your employees with daycare
We can help you in different ways:

  • Set up new employer-provided daycare:
    As an employer, you can always decide to set up your daycare services and Bright Horizon will help set up an effective employee child care service for your company and we are ready to provide everything needed in the process.
  • Maintain existing employer-provided daycare: 
    We have worked with other companies and through Bright Horizon they have provided their employees with a sponsored daycare facility if they cannot afford the cost of setting up or maintaining one. You can always trust Bright Horizons with providing your employees with the best daycare services.

How Company-Sponsored Child Care Solutions Affect Employees

Even though employer provided daycare comes as an extra cost for businesses, there are meaningful impacts to a company's ability to attract and maintain talent.

The economy has witnessed the widening gap between men and women as they progress in their career. This inequitable workforce can be eliminated and the gender pay gap reduced through employer-provided daycare. By providing employee child care services to all workers, you are creating equal opportunities for your employees to advance and thus limit the rate of workers turnover.

Employer-provided daycare helps improve the productivity of the company because the working parents get the chance to focus on their work without any distraction. By providing employee child care services to your employees, they get to have a consistent plan that will ensure a balance between work and their personal life.


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