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How to find child care that's more than daycare

Are you looking for daycare in Pittsburgh that feels just right? You likely want a safe place and an environment where your child can build new skills, wonder about the world, and get ready for school and all the big steps ahead. The best Pittsburgh daycares have knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate caregivers, with classrooms and spaces specially designed for each age group. Most of all, you’re probably looking for a daycare center that will support your child through all the upcoming developmental milestones and big leaps toward the future.

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At Bright Horizons, we offer daycare with early learning programs designed by experts, facilitated by educators, and created with working parents in mind. Our daycare centers are places where your child can learn, grow, and thrive in an environment designed to capture the joys of childhood while providing individualized learning opportunities. 

Bright Horizons: One of the best Pittsburgh daycare options

As one of the world’s leading and most trusted early education and care providers, Bright Horizons offers some of the best Pittsburgh daycare services by combining high-quality early education with child care. Our programs are rooted in what research says is best for early learning, helping children make developmental leaps and build skills for the future. 

Our Pittsburgh baby care, toddler care, preschool, and pre-k programs are built on over 30 years of experience and on the things that working parents have told us they need for their children — and themselves. 

Flexibility for working families 

Convenient locations, individualized programs for each child, and flexible hours and schedules that meet your needs make Bright Horizons one of the best Pittsburgh daycare programs. 

Inspired teachers 

Our teachers are dedicated, passionate professionals who are committed to careers in early education. We support them with award-winning training and ongoing education to advance their careers, including free college degrees. 

High-quality early learning experience 

Our research-based curriculum and Discovery Driven Learning® approach to early education inspire curiosity, encourages exploration, and prepares children for each new stage of learning and development. 

What makes Bright Horizons the best Pittsburgh daycare provider?

Here’s why so many people consider Bright Horizons to be among the best Pittsburgh daycare options:  

  • Integrated child care and early education. By combining high-quality child care with our early education curriculum, we provide daycare services that have a profound impact on children for life. 
  • A research-based curriculum. Our approach to early learning focuses on whole-child development, teaches 21st-century skills, and promotes self-confidence to prepare children for success in school and life. 
  • Welcoming, safe spaces. Our daycare environments are carefully designed to provide comfort and security while inspiring curiosity and allowing children to explore. 
  • Health and safety policies. The health and safety of your child are at the heart of every decision we make — from our policies for handwashing, disinfecting, and cleanliness to the way we secure our entrances and closely supervise pick-up times. 

Additional programs at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons also offers preschool and pre-k programs that build on your child’s learning and growth. 

  • Our preschool programs provide individualized care to help your child thrive through independent, teacher-directed, and small group activities. Focused on investigation, exploration, and discovery, our approach to learning adapts to each child and incorporates their strengths and interests. Our preschool curriculum includes STEM, creative expression, literacy, music, and confidence-building opportunities to solve problems and make decisions. 
  • Our pre-k programs focus on preparing children for kindergarten while cherishing the last year before school begins. Creative, hands-on, and project-based learning supports core academic areas. Activities focus on understanding teamwork and building a positive self-image, with multiple and diverse learning activities that ensure children thrive in all areas of development. 

Why choose Bright Horizons?

As one of the best Pittsburgh daycare providers, Bright Horizons offers your child a wealth of advantages. 

  • Strong self-confidence. Welcoming and inclusive environments, caring teachers, and relationship-building activities help children build the skills and mindset they need to confidently engage with the world. 
  • Playful, joyful experiences. Children learn best through play. Playing outside helps children learn to observe their surroundings, discover new plants and animals, practice motor skills, and explore nature. Playful STEM activities include making bubbles, creating things with playdough, building with blocks, and more. 
  • Social-emotional skills. Our days are filled with activities that help children build relationships, understand feelings, work cooperatively, and learn about themselves. 
  • A foundation for academic success. Our early learning programs are designed to help children get ready for school. Our curriculum incorporates learning in all areas — reading, science, math, movement, art, and more. It’s no wonder that more than 97% of Bright Horizons parents and elementary school teachers agree that our graduates enter their first years of school with a strong enthusiasm for learning and the preparation they need to succeed. 


With convenient Pittsburgh area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


What are the different types of daycare providers? 


Daycare providers fall into three basic categories: nannies and au pairs, family daycares, and larger centers. Nannies and au pairs provide flexible daycare within the family’s home. Family daycares are run out of a provider’s home for a small number of children, offering opportunities for social interaction in an intimate environment. Larger daycare centers often have more resources and space, and can offer consistent year-round care with early education programs designed to build a solid academic foundation. The best Pittsburgh daycare provider for you depends on the type of experience you want for your child.

How do I find the right daycare for my child? 

When searching for the best Pittsburgh daycare provider, you can start by asking friends, neighbors, and family about providers they have used or know about. Searching the web will show you options near your home or work. Narrow down the field by reading about each center and their reviews online. Then, schedule a time to visit your top choices and meet with the director at each location. Finally, be sure to check with your employer about any child care benefits or child care subsidies that could help cover the cost of daycare. 

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