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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

Picking the right daycare provider is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your baby. The provider you choose will have a big impact on your child’s health, safety, and development. You want a place where your infant will grow and thrive, and a place that’s convenient for your family, as well. Most of all, you want an Orlando baby care center that will lay the foundation for your child’s success in school and life.

At Bright Horizons, we offer multiple options for baby care in Orlando that provide enriching learning experiences for your child, as well as flexible schedules and ongoing support for your family. Your child will benefit from our early learning programs that encourage individual growth and support today’s milestones and tomorrow’s leaps toward the future. 

Bright Horizons Orlando child care locations

Bright Horizons Orlando baby care centers 

Bright Horizons baby care centers in Orlando offer welcoming environments and research-based programs that are carefully designed to support your child’s exciting developmental milestones. A Bright Horizons program is much more than a daycare center. We offer early education with a discovery-driven curriculum for infants through pre-K. Infants in our Orlando baby care centers enjoy classrooms made for exploring with knowledgeable, responsive teachers who are early education professionals.

When you enroll in a Bright Horizons program, your infant will benefit from our research-based curriculum and six infant Signature Practices that encourage exploration and discovery.

  • Prime times offer opportunities for one-on-one interactions with your child’s primary caregiver, where relationships are nurtured through everyday moments of caring, play, and communication.
  • Outdoor discovery allows your child to explore nature while encouraging motor and sensory development in a new environment.
  • Daily reading instills a love of reading and help build language and listening skills with age-appropriate books.
  • Art activities include finger painting, music, and pretend play to spark your baby’s creativity.
  • Treasure baskets are collections of everyday and natural objects that provoke curiosity and allow your child to explore.
  • Sign language teaches basic signs like “more” and “please” to help your baby communicate their needs easily and stimulate language development.

Our commitment to early education

With more than 30 years of experience delivering exceptional early learning programs, Bright Horizons has become the world’s leading and most trusted education and care company. Our combination of high-quality child care and early education can have a profound impact on a child for life.

Each of our Orlando baby care centers features:

  • Teachers who are highly trained, passionate professionals who understand how to best nurture a child’s development.
  • Welcoming environments that are carefully designed to provide comfort and security, inspire curiosity, and provide safe and soft spaces where babies can explore, roll over, pull up, and learn to crawl.
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all national, state, and local guidelines.
  • Personalized care plans that support daily schedules, nutritional guidelines, and other unique needs of working families.
  • How we prepare children for success

    Our proven approach to education is based on a Discovery Driven Learning® model that nurtures children’s natural curiosity and focuses on what interests them most. When children ask questions, rather than simply giving answers, our teachers say, “Let’s find out!”

    We know that children are natural explorers, scientists, and inventors. Our Discovery Driven Learning approach puts their curiosity at the center of every experience.

    • Whole-child curriculum. Our programs support all skills – cognitive, physical, linguistic, and social-emotional – to develop future learners, leaders, and citizens.
    • Project and play-based. Our immersive learning experiences foster a joyful childhood, encourage relationship-building, and develop a foundation for future success.
    • Individualized learning. We employ a one-of-a-kind assessment process that gives our teachers real-time insight into your child’s development to inform the way they teach and plan lessons.
    • Exciting environments. Our bright, organized classrooms are filled with rich learning materials, books, and natural objects. Our spaces are carefully designed with thoughtfully selected materials to provide comfort and security, inspire curiosity, and foster independence.

    The best time to start looking for Orlando baby care

    One of the most frequently asked questions about Orlando baby care is when parents should start looking. While there are a lot of factors that may impact timing – your baby’s due date or the length of your parental leave, for example – it’s never too early to start looking at options. Many of the best Orlando daycare centers have long waitlists that can make the timing of enrollment tricky.

    The process of looking for newborn daycare in Orlando usually starts with your own research — ask friends and family about their experiences. Figure out whether you prefer an Orlando baby care center that’s close to work or home. A child care provider near work will let you drop by to see your baby during the workday, but a center near home may be more convenient if you work outside the office or travel frequently.

    Once you’ve identified your top options, be sure to schedule daycare tours and ask your HR department about any employer-sponsored child care benefits that could help cover the cost of care.

    Explore Baby Care in the Orlando area

    Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

    With convenient Orlando area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


    How do I choose the right Orlando baby care center?


    Choosing the right daycare provider for your child involves a lot of factors. Some families are fine with a traditional daycare, while others prefer a provider that focuses on early education. Consider schedule flexibility, location, teacher experience, curriculum, and other factors when choosing the right Orlando baby care provider for your child.

    What are the benefits of an early learning center vs. a nanny or a family daycare?


    Nannies provide child care (typically one-on-one) in your home, while family daycare providers offer care for a small group of children in their home. In contrast, an early learning center is designed for early education — full of age-appropriate materials and spaces that encourage each child’s development. Early learning child care centers also offer curriculum that’s designed to help build a foundation for lifelong learning and prepare children for success in school and life.

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