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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

Deciding on the right Los Angeles baby care center for your infant is a big choice. You want the best for your child – a place where your infant will be happy, safe, and well cared for. You also want baby care that works with your schedule and daily routines. Most of all, you want to know that the people caring for your baby are highly qualified, responsive caregivers who will support your child through each new milestone.

At Bright Horizons, we offer baby care that focuses on early learning to nurture your child’s individual development and pave the way for success in school and life. Our Los Angeles baby care centers offer enriching learning experiences for your child, as well as convenient schedules and support for your working family. Bright Horizons is much more than a daycare center – it’s a place where your infant can learn, grow, and thrive in an environment that captures the joys of childhood.

Bright Horizons Los Angeles child care locations

Bright Horizons baby care in Los Angeles

Bright Horizons is one of the world’s leading education and care companies. Our research-based program and welcoming environments have been carefully designed to support your child’s exciting developmental milestones. We offer:
Personalized care. Your child will be assigned a primary caregiver for one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication throughout the day.
Individualized care plans. We understand that your family’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer personalized plans to support your daily schedule, your child’s nutritional guidelines, and more.
Places to explore. Each of our Los Angeles baby care centers features sensory-rich spaces and soft places for exploring, rolling over, pulling up, and crawling.
Safety and security. Our cleanliness practices meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines. Each center has secured entrances and supervision policies to ensure your child’s safety.  

The Bright Horizons Difference 

What makes Bright Horizons different than other Los Angeles baby care centers?

Inspired teachers

Your baby will be cared for by dedicated, early childhood professionals who are fully engaged in teaching careers and who receive award-winning training and ongoing support from Bright Horizons. Our teachers are the heart of our program, possessing the skills, passion, and dedication to make early education their career.

A focus on learning

Our Discovery Driven Learning® approach to education inspires curiosity, encourages exploration, and prepares your child for each new stage of development.

A program designed for working families

Our Los Angeles baby care centers feature convenient locations, individualized programs, and flexible hours and schedules that fit the needs of your family.

The Bright Horizons app

Our My Bright Day app helps you stay connected to your child by providing real-time updates about how they’re doing and what they’re learning each day. It puts all the information you need at your fingertips – from nap times and diaper changes to photos and documentation of your child’s development.

After baby care: additional Bright Horizons programs 

Before you know it, your infant will be a toddler…and then a preschooler. At Bright Horizons, you and your child can transition seamlessly from one stage to the next. In addition to baby care programs, we offer age-specific support for every stage of development.

  • Toddlers. Our toddler care programs are rooted in research to help your child make developmental leaps and build skills for the future. With support for your child’s newfound independence, language, and social skills and a focus on individual growth and making choices, our toddler care programs make learning an adventure.
  • Preschool. Our preschool programs help inquisitive young minds tackle new challenges and advance the skills they’ll need for kindergarten and beyond. Independent, teacher-directed, and small-group activities encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery.
  • Pre-K. Our kindergarten prep programs are based on a curriculum that helps children build the social and academic skills they need to be ready for school. Our research-based curriculum features creative, hands-on, and project-based learning with support for core pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific investigation.

How to choose a Los Angeles baby care center

We know that choosing the right Los Angeles baby care center can feel like a challenge. Focusing on these key areas may help you zero in on the best Los Angeles daycare option for your child.

  • Curriculum. Consider whether you want a typical daycare or an early learning program that supports your child’s curiosity and growth with a research-based curriculum.
  • Schedule. The best center for your family will offer flexible hours that fit your needs at work and home.
  • Knowledgeable caregivers. Be sure to ask how the caregivers at each center are hired, trained, and supported. Some centers, like Bright Horizons, hire teachers with a background in early education, while other daycare providers do not.
  • Health and safety. It’s important to ask about the health and safety policies of each center. Having documented programs and policies is essential for keeping children safe and secure.
  • Appropriate environments. Look for spaces that are ideally suited to the needs of your child and feature bright, welcoming spaces designed for exploration and learning.

Explore Baby Care in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

With convenient Los Angeles area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


When should I start looking for baby care in Los Angeles?


 Many child care providers have fairly long waitlists, so it’s important to start looking for a Los Angeles baby care solution as soon as you know you’ll need care. It may take weeks or months to research your options, schedule tours, and make a choice. The sooner you can join the waiting list, the better chance you’ll have of getting a space when you’re ready to start baby care.

What are the benefits of daycare for babies?


Daycares and early learning centers provide babies with many opportunities to build strong social-emotional skills through interactions with caregivers and other children. In early learning centers, children can participate in activities in art, music, reading, science, and other academic disciplines.

How do I find the right Los Angeles baby care solution?

When looking for the best Los Angeles daycare options, it’s helpful to start by asking friends, family, and neighbors about their experiences. Decide whether a center close to home or work is more convenient. A baby care center close to work will let you stop in during a break from the office, but a center close to home may be more flexible if you travel or work outside the office frequently. Be sure to research online reviews of each provider and take a daycare tour to see caregivers in action. Finally, it’s important to schedule a time for an interview with your top prospects to get answers to all your questions. Ask for references from each center, and check with your employer about daycare benefits that could help to cover the cost.
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