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Are you looking for the right daycare for your child? The daycare search takes time, and you — like most parents — are probably busy. If you don’t have time to tackle in-person visits for all the centers you’re considering, a daycare tour video might be your solution. This is one positive outcome of the pandemic — almost everyone is well-versed in doing things virtually. 

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What is a Daycare Tour Video? What is a Daycare Tour Video?

Finding daycare doesn’t have to mean scheduling hours of daycare tours between your preferred centers. A daycare tour video can be your go-to solution. 

Popularized during the pandemic — when outside families weren’t allowed inside most centers — a daycare tour video shows you everything you’d see in person without physically being there. Plus, it can answer daycare tour questions you might have. 

Who Offers Video Tours? 

Today, many centers offer daycare tour videos or virtual daycare tours. Bright Horizons centers, for example, have virtual tours posted for most centers nationwide to give parents the opportunity to see inside each classroom and enrichment space. Even better — we offer complete virtual tours, during which parents can talk to center leadership, meet teachers, and learn about center policies.  

What Makes an Excellent Daycare Tour Video? 

Here’s what you can expect from a high-quality daycare tour video or virtual tour. 

First, you’ll be welcomed to the care facility by a center team member. They might go over what to expect at a daycare and, if they start the tour outside, they’ll likely highlight the location, parking situation, and front-door security. 

Health & Safety 

The tour should touch on the center’s health and safety policies, including staff certifications like CPR and First Aid, regular disinfecting practices, and more.  

Welcome Area 

You’ll probably see the center lobby or welcome area, where you’ll check in each day during drop-off and sign out during pick-up.  

Classrooms & Enrichment Spaces 

The daycare tour video should also showcase classrooms for all ages, quiet spaces and movement zones, and safe and age-appropriate playgrounds. As you get a peek inside each classroom, you should see sensory-rich spaces for infants to explore, exciting spaces for toddlers to test out new skills, and engaging materials that help preschool and kindergarten prep students get ready for school.  

Curriculum & Daily Routine 

How does the center keep children engaged, learning, and having fun each day? The daycare tour video should cover the center’s curriculum and daily structure (touching on activities, meals, naps, and more) for children in each age group.  

Engaging Opportunities 

You should also get an inside look at enrichments — movement, art, music, and more — and activities that inspire children to explore STEM, develop a love of reading, discover nature, and more. All of these things should highlight the child care provider’s ability to make learning fun. 

What’s the difference between daycare and child care?

Daycare centers include centers within the community, including family-run at-home centers. Child care, on the other hand, is a more inclusive term. It includes centers within the community, but can also extend to care provided in your own home — by friends, family members, or even neighbors. High-quality child care centers offer educational opportunities that help prepare children for kindergarten and beyond.

Why do daycares have cameras?

Daycare centers’ cameras — especially those near entrances and exits — help to ensure safety and security.

What should I expect at a daycare?


Daycare centers should have trained, loving, and passionate staff committed to providing high-quality care. Other must-haves: a low staff-to-child ratio, a center that’s inviting and makes all families feel welcome, creative activities that make learning fun, and — most importantly — stringent health and safety policies.

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