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How to find child care that's more than daycare

Choosing the best daycare for your kids is an incredibly important decision — there are so many considerations to make including the location, programs offered, and tuition, among many other things.

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There are many different types of daycare such as on-site at work, near-site (close to your office but not on campus), or even at your home. In order to choose the best Chicago daycare, think about what matters most for your child and your family. For many parents, it’s a challenge to find a high-quality daycare program. You want to know that your child is safe and well cared for every day and that they’re receiving an early education from experienced teachers to prepare them for all the big steps ahead. If you’re trying to find the best Chicago daycare, we’ll help you figure out what to look for.

Finding the Best Chicago Daycare

If you’re looking for the best Chicago daycare, first consider what’s best for your child — and your family. Here are a few things to look out for:

Licensing and Accreditation 

Every state has child care licensing requirements. The best daycares go even further — they go through an accreditation process performed by national accrediting organizations, like the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Finding a Chicago daycare that is both licensed and accredited can help you ensure your child is receiving the highest quality care. 

A Welcoming, Safe Environment

A great daycare environment is a must. Look for bright, spacious classrooms with educational materials readily available for children — and positioned at their eye level. Is the playground safe and age-appropriate? Does the daycare center include room for enrichments such as art, yoga/movement, music, and more? Most of all — can you picture your child at the center and do you feel welcome when you walk through the door? 

Caregiver Ratio and Quality 

The best Chicago daycares will meet state licensing standards for caregiver-to-child ratios. Keep in mind that these ratios differ across age groups — for example, if you’re looking for Chicago baby care, your potential centers should follow a 1:3 or 2:7 ratio. Be sure to ask what the center does in the event that a teacher is out for the day, and how they cover teacher lunch breaks. 

Bright Horizons Chicago Daycares

Bright Horizons comes highly recommended as the best Chicago daycare for a number of reasons: research-based curriculum; experienced teachers; industry-leading health and safety policies; a welcoming environment for all children, families, and staff; fun and educational activities; convenient child care centers; support for working families; and more. Bright Horizons is fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts and we’re committed to 100% NAEYC accreditation for all of our eligible daycare centers.  

At Bright Horizons, we have over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality care for children — and the support parents need. When you’re looking for the best Chicago daycare for your child, Bright Horizons should top your list. We have convenient locations throughout the Chicago metro area, including Chicago itself, Evanston, and the suburban towns of Northbrook, Deerfield, Lake Zurich, Skokie, Northfield, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Itasca, Mount Prospect, Deer Park, Rosemont, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville, and Oak Brook. The best Chicago daycare might be right near your home or work!

With convenient Chicago area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


How much does Chicago daycare cost?

Daycare tuition in Chicago varies from area to area, and also changes depending on your child’s age and the number of children you have. The average cost of Chicago daycare also depends on whether care is provided in a center or in your home. You’ll also find that tuition is based on what’s offered at the center — meals, snacks, enrichment activities, and more — so a center with premium offerings will likely cost a bit more. Contact us today to learn more about tuition costs at Bright Horizons centers in the Chicago area.

Is it cheaper to have a nanny or daycare in Chicago?

It depends — and the cost of both a nanny and daycare will vary depending on where in the Chicago area you’re located. With Chicago daycare tuition, you’ll pay a flat rate every month; with a nanny, you’ll probably pay an hourly rate, but you’ll want to factor in other costs, too (will you be reimbursing them for gas, food, etc.?). You’ll also want to think about your schedule — with daycare, you’ll likely pay the same tuition whether your child is at the center for 6 hours or 8 hours. However, with a nanny, the amount you pay depends on how many hours they provided care. 

What are the best daycares in the Chicago suburbs?

Bright Horizons — one of the best Chicago daycares — is also located in the nearby suburban towns of Northbrook, Deerfield, Lake Zurich, Skokie, Northfield, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Itasca, Mount Prospect, Deer Park, Rosemont, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville, and Oak Brook.

Search for a daycare center that’s licensed and accredited, offers high-quality programming, has a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of children at every age and stage, employs experienced teachers and encourages their professional development, and makes your child and your family feel welcome.

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