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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

Today, looking for the best Boston baby care is tough — you want to find the highest quality care, nurturing teachers, health and safety policies that protect your baby and your family, and a location and schedule that works for you. Plus, if you’re a working parent, finding the best Boston daycare for your little one is essential for career success, and it can help you ease the transition back to work after welcoming a new baby to your family.

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The best Boston baby care will give your baby the one-on-one attention they need throughout each day, support and encouragement for developmental milestones, and a safe environment full of enriching materials and soft spaces. Read on to learn what to look for when starting your Boston baby care search.  

Things to Consider When Looking for Boston Infant Care 

  • Trained, Experienced, and Nurturing Caregivers: The best Boston baby care starts with caregivers you can trust. Are they trained and certified? Ask about their credentials and experience. If you visit the center, do they seem to enjoy working with infants? Look for happy, positive interactions. Would you feel good about leaving your baby in their care?  
  • Engaging Environment: Your baby’s classroom should be safe and full of sensory-rich materials that are easily accessible. Look for soft spaces for learning to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk, as well as small tables and chairs.  
  • Play Space: Make sure there’s a safe, open area devoted to playtime and movement.  

Bright Horizons Centers with Boston Baby Care 

Bright Horizons has Boston baby care centers throughout Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South Boston, Kenmore Square, the North End, the South End, Seaport, the Financial District, Charlestown, Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, and the towns of the North Shore, South Shore, and West of Boston. 

Why Choose Bright Horizons for Boston Baby Care 

Bright Horizons has over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality early childhood education. Our infant classrooms are welcoming, joyful places — the perfect spot for babies. We offer Boston baby care you can feel great about, with passionate and professional teachers, a research-based curriculum, and more.    


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Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

With convenient Boston area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


What is the annual cost of child care in Boston?

The average child care tuition in Boston varies depending on the area, the number of children you have, the schedule you need, and whether the center has additional premium offerings, such as meals, enrichment activities, and more. Contact us today to inquire about tuition costs at our Bright Horizons child care centers.

What is the cost of a nanny in Boston?

The average cost of a nanny varies depending on their experience, the number of children you have, the hours and days they care for your child(ren), how far they have to travel to get to your home, additional household responsibilities you’d like them to take on, and more. 

What is the cost of a daycare in Boston?

Daycare tuition in Boston depends on location, whether care is provided in home or a center, the number of children who need care (and their ages), premium offerings such as meals, snacks, and enrichments, and more. Contact us today to inquire about tuition costs at our Bright Horizons daycare centers.
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