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How to find child care that's more than daycare

The pandemic has drastically affected the workforce across many industries and has had a huge impact on child care. Many parents, especially women ages 25 – 45, left work altogether. Now, as some parents in Boston look to re-enter the workforce, finding the best Boston daycare is essential. 

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Searching for the Best Boston Daycare — Things to Look For 

Are you starting your search for the best Boston daycare for your child? Perhaps your job offers company-sponsored child care or employee child care. If so, this might make your search a bit easier. 

But if you don’t have access to employer-provided daycare, you’ll need to know what to look for in order to find the best Boston daycare. Here are a few factors to consider. 

Low Caregiver-to-Child Ratio:

Ratios are different for each age group. The best Boston daycares follow state licensing standards for caregiver-to-child ratios across all age groups. With Boston baby care, for example, you’ll want to find a center that has a 1:3 or 2:7 ratio. 

Licensing and Accreditation:

Each state has basic requirements for operating a daycare, and a center has to meet these requirements in order to be licensed. Make sure that the Boston daycares on your list are fully licensed. Accreditation, however, is given to the highest quality daycares that go above and beyond state licensing requirements. It’s a process performed by national accrediting organizations, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  


The best Boston daycares offer a curriculum that encourages a love of learning and helps children get ready for school and all the big steps ahead. Look for a curriculum that includes academic areas such as language, literacy, math, science, art, and more, and is based on children’s interests.  

Why Choose a Boston Bright Horizons Center

Bright Horizons comes highly recommended as the best Boston daycare for a number of reasons: research-based curriculum; experienced teachers; industry-leading health and safety policies; a welcoming environment for all children, families, and staff; fun and educational activities; convenient child care centers; support for working families; and more. Bright Horizons is fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts and we’re committed to 100% NAEYC accreditation for all of our eligible daycare centers.  

Bright Horizons offers year-round programming in the Boston area, with many convenient locations throughout Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South Boston, Kenmore Square, the North End, the South End, Seaport, the Financial District, Charlestown, Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, and the towns of the North Shore, South Shore, and West of Boston. Wherever you are, we’ll help you find the best Boston daycare. 

With convenient Boston area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


How much does Boston daycare cost?

Daycare costs in Boston differ across areas. The average range that families spend on daycare tuition can vary based on their location and whether the care is provided in their home or in a center. The number of children a family has, as well as their ages, play a big role in determining daycare costs in Boston. Contact us today to inquire about tuition costs at our Bright Horizons daycare centers.

What is the best daycare in Boston?

Looking for the best Boston daycare? Search for a daycare center that’s licensed and accredited, offers high-quality programming, has a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of children at every age and stage, employs experienced teachers and encourages their professional development, and makes your child and your family feel welcome.
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