How to Provide Employer Back-Up Care

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The Need for Employer Back-Up Care in Organizations

Many organizations go out of business every year due to the high rate of employee absenteeism. A recent survey of working parents reports that 37% of participants missed work due to child care emergencies, and 59% of them had to take unpaid time due to child care difficulties. Employee absenteeism is affecting organizations’ growth and revenue; hence, the crucial need for employer back-up care.

While many working parents are struggling to provide adequate care for their children, other employees are having trouble finding the care their senior family members need. Whenever regular child care arrangements fall through — nannies call in sick, sitters go on vacation, or caregivers are unavailable — employees often have no choice but to miss work to tend to their loved ones’ needs.

Organizations need reliable employer back-up care — child and elder care benefits that can help their employees handle child and elder care emergencies.

Benefits of Employer Back-Up Care for Employers and Employees

Employees facing child care challenges without an adequate employer-sponsored child care center will likely have trouble concentrating and immersing themselves in their work, thereby hampering productivity.

Today, employees are looking for family support benefits. They want to thrive at work while making sure their loved ones are cared for at all times. Organizations that offer back-up child care benefits and employer elder care benefits will attract the best employees; those that don’t offer these benefits won’t make the list. These benefits, along with employer back-up care, will help retain top talent, boost productivity, and avoid the losses that accompany employee absenteeism.

Plus, with reliable employer-provided care on stand-by, employees will have peace of mind, even when child and elder care emergencies arise.  

Back-up child care benefits and back-up elder care benefits can help employees find a balance between their work and their personal life and reach their professional goals, knowing they have access to support for their families.

Provide Employer Back-Up Care with Help From Bright Horizons

Employer back-up care needs to be dependable, and back-up child care centers need to be reliable in order to be effective. That’s what we stand for at Bright Horizons. Thousands of organizations depend on us for back-up child care benefits and employer elder care benefits. With over 30 years of experience, we’re committed to providing reliable support to our clients and their employees whenever they need it. 

Bright Horizons offers nationwide back-up care coverage — both center-based and in-home. Company-sponsored child care and elder care employee benefits offer solutions for employees in all life stages. Plus, it’s easy for employees to access their benefits. They can make back-up care reservations via our online platform, arrange back-up care over the phone through our 24-hour call center, or request care via our mobile app. 

Bright Horizon Services

We offer a wide range of benefits to suit the needs of both employers and their employees:



FAQs About Employer Back-Up Care

What is employer back-up care?

Employer back-up care is provided by employers to support their employees through child care emergencies — whenever they’re faced with  a disruption in their regular child care arrangements.

What are the benefits of back-up daycare for employers?

Employer back-up care helps employees stay productive at work, even when their regular child care falls through. Plus, it boosts employee retention and loyalty.

How does employer back-up care help families?

Employer back-up care ensures families have the reliable care they need whenever their regular care plan is disrupted. It gives employees peace of mind and allows them to focus on work and career. 


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care. Employees looking to become a child care teacher are offered the opportunity to earn an early education degree for free as part of their corporate benefits. Search by zip to find a child care center near you. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.