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About Child Care and Early Development

Nearly two-thirds of parents have difficulty finding high-quality, affordable child care - a challenge that directly affects career decisions. Solve their child care problem and you not only remake a potential turnover problem into a competitive advantage; you also transform your organization into a magnet for high-potential employees looking to build families and careers.

What is Employee Child Care?

Can my company pay for childcare?

Yes, and they can do so in two ways. They can either pay via a direct agreement with a childcare scheme provider or via a voucher scheme.

What is employer child care?

This is an on-site childcare benefit system where employers and employee combine financial forces to pay for child care. Employers can either pay part of the loan or have their employees pay it all.

Are Employee child care costs taxable?

No, the money comes pre-taxed.

Employee Child Care

Many working parents are faced with the challenge of finding quality child care which has continued to affect their activities at work. As a way of improving the quality of the workplace environment, employers can assist by providing employee child care. By offering employee child care to their workers, an employer not only makes things easier for the workers but also increase employee loyalty.

Businesses can no longer ignore the fact that company-sponsored child care has a lot of positive effects on the economy. So, by offering an employee child care service to workers, employers are not only avoiding an economic downturn but also ensuring they retain the most talented workers instead of making them choose between their jobs and their kids.

To help avoid a decline in your business and also ensure that there is high productivity, Bright Horizon provides trustworthy and high-quality employee child care. This will help the employees concentrate on their jobs and work effectively.  

Why it is important to provide Employee Child Care?

Perhaps one of the biggest perks that comes with company-sponsored child care is the easy retention of talented workers. By making use of the services provided by Bright Horizons, your employers will not need to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. In a survey conducted in 2007, it was discovered that 25% of employees refuse offers to change their jobs due to the onsite child care benefits made available to them. 

Besides, there is no better way of showing your employees their value is appreciated than providing them with employee child care. If you are wondering how you can make things convenient and also assist your employees; consider providing quality employee child care.

Employee Child Care programs from Bright Horizons

Bright horizon has been in the business of providing quality Employee Child Care programs for more than 30 years. In the space of thirty years, customers we have shown unrivalled commitment to providing excellent services to all our clients. 

We provide company-sponsored child care solutions that support both management and staff of companies irrespective of their size. Companies worldwide rely on our vast experience and expertise in the development and management of Employee Child Care for their staff.  At the same time, employees rely on us for an onsite child care benefits program.

Bright Horizons robust services

Bright Horizon remains one of the best suppliers of company-sponsored child care services in the US and we are committed to making things easier for employers and their staff. To minimize your expenses, you can partner with Bright Horizon to provide employee child care.

If you are concerned with assisting your employees while trying to avoid spending large cost; Bright Horizon is ready to help. We are concerned about your satisfaction and the growth of your business.

Bright Horizons offers comprehensive and in-depth coverage of company-sponsored child care solutions. Our services are usually for employers and their employees in two ways. 

  1. Development of company-sponsored child care solutions: One of the major services that we offer at Bright Horizons is helping employers create comprehensive development plans in places where there are no plans yet. This covers everything that the project entails including detailed financial analysis.
  2. Management of Employee Child Care programs: We also work with companies that have systems already in place but have no idea how company-sponsored child care solutions works. 

How the lack of Employee Child Care solutions affects Employees

The pandemic has revealed the deficiency of company-sponsored child care can have negative effects on the economy. Many working parents had to quit their jobs worsening the economy as millions of people became jobless either because they could not manage to effective so they were laid-off or resigned.

A survey was conducted in 2020 by care@work on 1000 working parents with kids less than 15.  According to the results, over 73% of working parents were considering making big changes at work so they can take care of their kids. Of the total number, about 21% were ready to switch jobs while 15% were considering stopping their jobs entirely. 


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Bright Horizons is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care. Employees looking to become a child care teacher are offered the opportunity to earn an early education degree for free as part of their corporate benefits. Search by zip to find a child care center near you. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.