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Nearly two-thirds of parents have difficulty finding high-quality, affordable child care - a challenge that directly affects career decisions. Solve their child care problem and you not only remake a potential turnover problem into a competitive advantage; you also transform your organization into a magnet for high-potential employees looking to build families and careers.

What is Daycare Benefit for Employees?

Is Daycare centers for Employees a benefit?

Yes, Daycare Benefit for Employees is one of many employee child care benefits that employees can give members of their staff. 

Which is the best Daycare Benefit for Employees company?

Bright Horizons is one of the leading providers of Daycare Benefit for Employees. The company offers 30+ years of successful services and thousands of satisfied customers.

Can my employer pay for my childcare?

Your employer can offer you vouchers with which you can pay for childcare. Depending on your employer, you might receive a voucher for your salary. In some cases, you might have to use some of your salary to obtain the voucher.

Creating the Perfect Daycare Benefit for Employees

To attract the best talent in today's competitive labor market, employers need to think outside the box. Employees seeking jobs these days compare offers based on added advantages that come with the job. One way to make them pick your company over others is the provision of perks like Daycare Benefit for Employees.

Daycare Benefit for Employees is one of the very many onsite child care benefits that employees benefit from their employers today. Many big businesses today are already incorporating company-sponsored child care into their list of employee benefits.

Small businesses can also follow suit as these benefits encourage employees, lessen their financial burden, and makes them more loyal to the company. Beyond the obvious financial gains, offering Daycare Benefit for Employees can help companies bridge the gender pay gap that continues to widen in many companies.

While it is important to have a working Daycare Benefit for Employees in your company, creating one can be complicated. You have to plan adequately and consider several factors so the plan does not fail. That is why Bright Horizons is here for you. We will help you handle all the financial planning and management needed to get you a company-sponsored child care program that works for you and your employees. With 30 years of experience in this field, Bright Horizons offers one of the best daycare benefit management system and setup.

Importance of Daycare Benefit for Employees

The average family in the US today spends a huge chunk of their yearly income on Child care. Surprisingly, it costs more to have children in full-time center-based child care than to have them in college. In 2011, a report showed that families that were of average economic earning spend up to 10% of their income on child care for children less than 15 years. Sadly, with low-income families that earn below $15000 annually, the percentage could be as high as 40%. More so, the price of child care has continued to increase by over 45% in the last 25 years. For many families, especially the low-income earners, this reduces the family’s ability to own a house. 

By offering employee child care programs like Daycare Benefit for Employees, employers can show that they care about their employees. More so, it helps reduce the incidence of absenteeism at work as child care is one of the reason for major absenteeism for employees. 

Studies also show that Daycare Benefit for Employees bridges the wide gender pay gap that has been an issue for years.

Overall, it makes employees happy and helps them concentrate better at work. When this happens, you can conveniently raise their productivity and get a better turnover. 

Daycare Benefit for Employees from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is a world-renowned expert when it comes to developing onsite child care benefits. We have been in this business for more than 30 years and more than a thousand companies around the world depend on our expertise for their Daycare Benefit for Employees.

At Brighton Horizons, we provide human-centric company sponsored child care solutions that support employers and their staff. As a result, several business owners trust to develop and manage their Daycare Benefit for Employees.

Bright Horizons robust services

At Bright Horizons, we offer the most comprehensive and competitive service you can find anywhere in the world. Our Daycare Benefit for Employees services is in-depth, covering all areas from planning to implementation. 

You can call us if your company does not have an existing Daycare Benefit for Employees. We will help you come up with a development plan that covers everything including detailed financial analyses.

We also help companies manage existing onsite child care benefits. Our team will sit with you to discuss your problems and find solutions to help you contain problems and properly manage your Daycare Benefit for Employees.

How the lack of Daycare Benefit for Employees solutions affects employees

Providing a working Daycare Benefit for Employees is not an easy task. It will cost you some money but then, that is nothing compared with the cost it saves your business.

With a good Daycare Benefit for Employees in your workplace, you get to reduce absenteeism to a large extent amongst working parents in your firm. Working parents do not have to storm out of work anymore to attend to emergencies that have to do with their children because they are in safe hands.

To err is human. However, it is more common when people are not fully concentrating on their work. For working parents, concentrating can be difficult if their children are not in safe care. When you however provide them with company sponsored child care, they can concentrate better, reduce errors and contribute better to company goals. 


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