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Nursing Tuition Reimbursement

Improve recruitment with nursing tuition reimbursement

Nurses are in short supply today. As demand rises, employers are struggling to fill positions and to ensure that their medical staff has the necessary skills to deliver quality care. High turnover and burnout rates have healthcare employers racing to offer benefits that encourage top nurses to choose – and stay with – their employer.

Bright Horizons is a leader in creating and implementing education management programs and healthcare recruitment strategies. Our nursing tuition reimbursement programs help organizations improve employee well-being, increase employee retention, and attract top talent in a competitive marketplace.

The benefits of reimbursing tuition for nurse

Healthcare organizations are facing significant competition for skilled workers as experts predict that nursing shortages will rise into the millions. To remain viable, organizations must find ways to attract top talent, retain current employees, and improve the skill level of the existing workforce.

Tuition reimbursement ranks among the most popular employee benefit trends in healthcare. By enabling nurses to acquire additional certifications and degrees, tuition reimbursement programs allow nurses to advance their careers and increase earning potential while mitigating the burnout that causes many to leave the profession. 

For employers, tuition reimbursement for nursing has the power to both attract and retain valuable hires. In a recent survey , 56% of all nurses report that education reimbursement is a top valued benefit, with 80% of millennials saying they would stay five years with an employer that pays for their next degree or certification. Additionally, by helping nurses acquire specific new skills, organizations can strategically improve the quality and readiness of the workforce.

Nursing tuition reimbursement with Bright Horizons

As a leading provider of workplace benefit solutions, Bright Horizons has over 30 years of experience developing retention strategies for employers. Our nursing tuition reimbursement programs are trusted by the nation’s top healthcare providers to support nurses as they pursue additional training and education, improving job satisfaction and increasing retention. We provide effective reimbursement solutions that combine employer payments and advanced coaching to minimize employee costs and accelerate the path to a degree. With a tuition reimbursement program from Bright Horizons, you can build a more engaged, productive, high-performing nursing workforce with the advanced skills required to increase competitiveness and quality of care. 

Our Tuition Assistance program

Education is a priority for many nurses, but covering the cost of additional degrees or certification seems impossible – especially when carrying significant student debt. Bright Horizons’ nursing tuition reimbursement programs provide nurses with employer tuition assistance to enable and encourage additional training. 

Highlights of our nursing tuition reimbursement program:

A powerful administrative platform simplifies the management of tuition assistance programs with customizable eligibility rules, multiple tuition payment options, and tuition policy benchmarks. 
Expert coaching helps employees create personalized education plans to get the most from their tuition benefits. 
An extensive network provides access to more than 220 universities and certification providers with exclusive tuition discounts and options for in-person and on-line learning.
Detailed analytics provide insight into participation, gains in employee retention, and other outcomes. 

With carefully crafted nursing tuition reimbursement programs, healthcare providers can:

Update the skills of nurses to stay current with best practices in medicine.
Connect employees to job-specific education that elevates performance and fills critical roles within the organization.
Create streamlined education plans that employees can easily follow to completion.
Attract top talent with meaningful benefits that support career advancement. 
Improve retention and increase employee engagement and productivity.

Additional recruitment strategies

Bright Horizons offers a range of additional employee benefits that help to attract top talent and provide the support nurses need to stay engaged and productive in the workplace. Our nursing recruitment and retention strategies include:

Onsite Child Care: Many nurses are also caregivers at home. Bright Horizons helps organizations design and operate high-quality child care centers with locations and hours that fit the unusual schedules of healthcare workers. 
Back-Up Care: For nurses caring for children or aging parents and relatives, family emergencies often lead to disruptions in the workplace. Bright Horizons’ back-up care solutions provide access to care during emergencies, offering center-based care at more than 3,500 high-quality centers nationwide as well as in-home care provided by trained and vetted caregivers. 
Student Loan Repayment: Heavy debt from nursing school can be a significant source of stress and prevent nurses from pursuing additional training. A student loan repayment program with Bright Horizons offers employers a customizable framework for student loan contributions and financial wellness coaching to meet the needs of the workforce.

FAQs: What is nursing tuition reimbursement?

What is nursing tuition reimbursement?
Nursing tuition reimbursement is a program offered by employers that helps nurses with the cost of acquiring additional skills or advanced degrees. 

What are the advantages of nursing tuition reimbursement?
For nurses, a tuition reimbursement program enables healthcare workers to acquire the skills, certifications, and degrees that can help to advance their careers. For employers, a nursing tuition reimbursement program is an effective recruitment and retention strategy, helping to reduce turnover that can compromise performance and the quality of patient care. 
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