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Health & Safety at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is trusted by parents around the world — including many doctors and nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19 — to care for their children. Learn about our enhanced health and safety practices, in response to the pandemic.

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Enhanced Protocols at Bright Horizons Centers

The health, safety, and well-being of children, families, and staff is our top priority. We’ve always adhered to rigorous health, hygiene, and disinfecting practices, and now follow enhanced safety protocols, which continue to evolve as new learning around COVID-19 develops.
child getting tested by teacher with mask on

Health Screenings and Face Coverings

Daily health screen and temperature checks are required for all adults and children in the center. Adults in the center wear masks or face coverings at all times.

toddler teacher reading a book

Distancing and Classroom Size

We practice physical distancing by reducing classroom sizes, keeping consistent groupings, and limiting outdoor play areas to one group at a time.

how families can plan a safe daycare dropoff

Updated Visitor Policy

Essential visitors, including families dropping off and picking up, are limited to the lobby. Nonessential visitors are not permitted in the center.

Covid19 daycare advice from Dr. Kristen Moffitt

New Video: Expert Guidance on Child Care Safety

Explore our policies on face coverings, daily health screenings, and safe distancing, which we developed on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, state and local public authorities, and our health expert, Dr. Kristin Moffitt, a pediatric infectious disease specialist from Boston Children's Hospital.

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Baby at daycare in the infant classroom at Bright Horizons

Commitment to Safety

In addition to the health & safety protocols that Bright Horizons has in place for all our services, we have also provided guidance to our partners who may be delivering our child and adult/elder back-up services. Please see more information below.

health & safety director at bright horizons

Health & Safety Directors at Our Centers

As part of our commitment to enhanced health and safety, our centers have dedicated Health & Safety Directors whose primary responsibility is to support children, families, and staff in complying with our policies and working together to keep COVID-19 out of our centers.

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Study Shows Low Transmission Risk in Child Care

A study published in the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics confirms: child care offers safe, low-risk environments for children.



The health and safety of our teachers and the children in our care is our top priority. That’s why we are strongly encouraging all of our teachers and staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Our “My Shot to Fight COVID” campaign provides teachers and staff with important information about the vaccine, including how and where to get vaccinated at no cost. Plus, once they’re fully vaccinated, they’ll receive an incentive through our COVID Vaccine Reward Program.

teacher with mask on looking over children playing in garden

What Child Care Looks Like Today

Child care has evolved to meet today's challenges. Though the protocols may be different, our philosophy remains the same: child care is still a place for childhood. See what a day at Bright Horizons is like.

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Health & Safety

Child Care Checklist

As you explore child care options that offer enhanced safety precautions, while still providing enriching learning experiences, use this health and safety checklist to help you confidently evaluate the COVID-19 protocols in place at each of the programs you consider.


I’m not worried about her now, and I’ve never been worried about her. That center has become family to us. You never think someone is going to care as much about your child as you do. But I really think these teachers do. Their hearts are gold.


- Dr. Julia Rosebush, pediatric infectious disease specialist

Knowing my children are being cared for by the amazing caregivers at Bright Horizons has dramatically decreased my fears. I know my kids are not only safe, but happy and learning. I love that they have a structure that allows them to maintain some normalcy.


- Dr. Robyn Howarth, pediatric neuro psychologist

They’ve really been very receptive to hearing our ongoing feedback as we navigate this together. The staff has done an amazing job. It puts my mind at ease knowing that the center has remained a safe place of structure and normalcy.


- Dr. Robyn Howarth, pediatric neuro psychologist

There’s not a minute I worry. I never say ‘I hope she’s ok;’ because I know she’s ok. She’s happy when I drop her off, and happy when I pick her up.


- Maloise Jean, nurse practitioner

He [the center director] sent us updates every time something would change. And his updates made it clear they were following CDC guidelines and that they had someone who they were relying for information. And what he was sending me was spot on. I didn’t have time to keep up with the day care. And I didn’t have to. It was nice to know they were on top of it so I didn’t have to be – and I didn’t have to worry.


- Stephanie Carraway, Infection Preventionist


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