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How to find infant care that's more than daycare

When you’re looking for baby care in the Tampa area, you’ll undoubtedly find many options and a range of approaches. Smaller providers offer services for just a few children, often in a cozy home environment. Larger providers serve more families and have facilities with more resources and flexibility. Some Tampa baby care providers strictly offer daycare services, while others incorporate early education and a more formal curriculum.

Bright Horizons Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg daycare locations

At Bright Horizons, we offer Tampa baby care services that focus on early learning to give your child a solid educational foundation that paves the way for success in school and life. Our early learning centers are places where your infant can grow and thrive in an environment designed to capture the joys of childhood.

Tampa baby care with Bright Horizons

Trusted by parents and organizations around the world, Bright Horizons offers high-quality education and child care that’s designed for working families. Created by experts and facilitated by educators, our Tampa baby care centers feature classrooms made for exploring with teachers who will support your child’s big milestones today and their leaps toward the future tomorrow.

Each of our child care centers in Tampa provides care that’s individualized for the needs of your baby and your family.

  • Discovery-based curriculum: Our early learning programs support each child’s natural curiosity and focus on what interests them most.
  • One-to-one relationships: At Bright Horizons, your baby will have a primary caregiver — a knowledgeable, responsive teacher who spends time with them each day in one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication. These exchanges build trust and strong relationships that allow your baby to feel valued and develop the self-confidence to explore the world more freely.
  • Plans for working families: We’ll develop a personalized care plan that supports your daily and weekly schedule, your baby’s nutritional guidelines, and your unique needs.
  • Welcoming environments: Our infant classrooms are sensory-rich spaces full of soft places for babies to safely explore as they learn to crawl, roll over, and pull up. 
  • A view of your baby’s day: Our app, My Bright Day, gives you daily real-time updates about what your child is doing and learning. From naptimes and diaper changes to photos and notes from caregivers, you’ll have detailed information about your baby’s progress at your fingertips.

The Bright Horizons curriculum

Babies are born with one very important job: to learn everything they can about the world and become the very best people they can be. Because we know learning starts on day one, our Tampa baby care centers feature classrooms and a curriculum designed to stimulate early learning.

Our teaching methods differ from typical daycare centers in several key ways.
  • Rather than lesson plans driven by pre-planned themes and adult ideas, we help children learn by exploring their own interests.
  • Instead of simply focusing on teaching the right answers, we encourage questions and inquiries, value the process of learning and discovery, and inspire lifelong learning skills.
  • Our spaces provide playful, joyful, and inclusive environments and experiences that combine multiple ways of learning and focus on whole-child development, rather than teaching children through rote learning methods such as flashcards and drills.

Our highly trained staff

As you consider Tampa baby care options, the quality of caregivers at each location will likely be a deciding factor. At Bright Horizons, our teachers are highly trained, passionate professionals who are making a career in early education. Parents have called our teachers “amazing” and “magical” for their ability to understand what makes each child tick and to use that knowledge to support ordinary moments and big developmental milestones. They nurture each child’s growth while honoring unique family routines. We support them with award-winning training and opportunities to further advance their careers and skills through certificate programs and college degrees (for free!).

The benefits of choosing Bright Horizons

When you enroll your child in one of our Tampa baby care centers, you’ll find several clear advantages:

  • Social-emotional development: Our classrooms prioritize social and emotional learning in the early years of each child’s life. Building relationships, understanding and identifying feelings, and learning about themselves help prepare children for future success.
  • Self-confidence: Each of our Tampa baby care centers features a warm and inclusive environment, compassionate caregivers, and spaces where children can explore and learn to build self-confidence.
  • New experiences: Our specially designed spaces and robust curriculum provide your child with new experiences every day, from stories, songs, and activities to new materials and objects to explore.
  • A love of learning: Our proven, discovery-based curriculum creates a solid foundation for success in school and life. We help children learn by exploring their own interests through reading, science, math, art, movement, and outdoor experiences.
  • Secure attachments: One-on-one time with primary caregivers helps babies build trusting relationships.

Explore Baby Care in the Tampa Bay area

Working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early education. Our programs ensure you don’t have to, offering convenience for your workday, and enriching learning experiences for your child.

With convenient Tampa area locations, we're never far from your home or workplace.


What should I look for in a Tampa baby care provider?

The type of experience you want your baby to have is the most important factor in choosing the best Tampa daycare provider for your child. Baby care centers offer a wide range of approaches to child care, from traditional daycares to early learning centers with research-based programs designed to facilitate each stage of your child’s development. You’ll also want to consider location, schedules, health and safety policies, the quality of teachers or caregivers, licensing and accreditation, and references from other parents.

When should I start my child in daycare?

There is no single age that’s best for enrolling in daycare. You’ll more likely want to base the decision on your needs as a family and the availability of care. Whenever you choose to enroll in a Tampa baby care center, your child will reap all the benefits of developing socially and emotionally, building secure attachments with other adults, and engaging in new educational experiences that build self-confidence and a lifelong love of learning.

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