Flexible family care benefits fuel engagement at top healthcare system

Weill Cornell Medicine's Bright Horizons child care center

With healthcare talent at a premium, Weill Cornell Medicine views its child care offerings as instrumental in attracting top researchers, doctors, and nurses. The benefits, which include an on-site child care center, back-up care, and child care subsidies, give its diverse workforce the peace of mind needed to perform high-pressure jobs.

Accessible, affordable, and high-quality child care is essential for healthcare workers, who often work long shifts on-site. With their needs met, Weill Cornell’s caregivers are able to grow their careers and families simultaneously.

Conscious of the fact that needs change over time, the healthcare provider also works with Bright Horizons to deliver a wide range of services that enable employee wellbeing at all life stages.

Listen to their story below and see why employees rave about their experience working for Weill Cornell Medicine.


Weill Cornell Medicine's Bright Horizons child care center