The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 24: Working Parent + Two

working mom expecting her second child

On this episode of The Work-Life Equation: Working Parent, the Sequel. You’ve had your first baby, you’ve got your whole work/parenting system down…and then number two comes along and changes everything. What do you need to know before the pitter-patter of a second pair of feet? Hear two-time working parents Erika, Evan, and Shira talk chaos, strategy…and why they wouldn’t change a thing. 

Working Parent + Two Show Notes

0:42: Lisa introduces our panel of experienced parents: Erika, Evan, and Shira.

1:53: Lisa cuts to the chase, asking the panel for strategies for the second time around.

1:55: Shira took a longer leave; it helped her mentally prepare to return to work.

2:54: Shira notes that, with the second child, “you have more reasonable expectations.”

4:00: Evan credits his boss for providing flexible work options after his son’s birth.

5:30: Erika, who is expecting, is actively figuring out the logistics. “It’s stressful.”

6:20: “It’s going to be a learning experience again,” Erika adds.

7:19: If possible, Shira recommends letting your older child help with the family routine.

8:07: Lisa asks about career expectations. “Has the second one shifted anything?”

8:12: “Being a working mom that’s breastfeeding is interesting,” Shira explains.

9:48: Erika and Shira agree: it’s important at all stages to have support from the office.

10:29: Lisa asks the panel about their parenting success stories.

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working mom expecting her second child