The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 22: Building Your Parenting Village

A happy husband and wife at dinner

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On this episode of The Work-Life Equation: building the parenting village you need. The secret to successful working parenthood isn’t doing more — it’s getting more done. And the way to get more done, says our guest Daisy Dowling, is to be fearless about enlisting pinch-hitters. Get Daisy’s tips for building your village, and for casting a wide enough net to get the help you need. 

Building Your Parenting Village Show Notes

0:17: Naoko introduces Daisy Dowling, HR expert and writer for Harvard Business Review.

2:14: Daisy suggests you ask yourself, “Who are your third parents?”

3:37: Naoko asks, “When (and how) should you start building your village?”

5:05: Daisy explains her “5C Model” for finding resources that support your working parenthood.

11:51: Naoko and Daisy discuss managing the guilt that may come with asking for help.

19:09: Daisy gives her final points of advice:

  • Stop beating yourself up
  • Asking for help is important
  • Be grateful for your village

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A happy husband and wife at dinner