The Work-Life Equation Podcast Episode 26: Single Mom Life

A happy husband and wife at dinner

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Every podcast or webinar we do at Bright Horizons generates the same question: how does this work for single parents? So we asked. Join Helen and Christine, two working moms at Bright Horizons, as they talk single motherhood—what they’ve learned, what they wish they knew, and why parenting solo doesn’t have to mean going at it alone.

Single Mom Life: Show Notes

0:44: Lisa gets our panel, Christine and Helen, going by asking: “What’s one thing you would like people to know about single parenthood?”

2:11: “How important is sisterhood, or whatever your support network has been?” The panel talks about what matters to them in creating their parenting villages.

2:21: Helen says “when you’re a single parent, time is even more critical.”

5:10: “Let’s talk about guilt. Is that a thing?” Lisa asks our panel to share how they feel. 

7:05 Christine “feels really good about being a working mom.” Are you proud of being a working mom? (Check out this episode on celebrating working mothers.)

8:00: Lisa asks the panel to weigh in on the challenges of single mom life. “Has there been a moment … when you had to really ‘tap dance’ to make things work?”

12:31: “I think (as women) we tend to beat ourselves up if we don’t do things perfectly,” Christine said, and Helen agreed. Learn more about moms and the mental load here.

17:54: Helen and Christine share the upsides to single mom life...and “single mom envy.”

21:15: Single moms have free time, too, and sometimes use it for self-care.
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A happy husband and wife at dinner