Why We Don't Provide Daycare

provide daycare

At Bright Horizons we're frequently asked, "Do you provide daycare?" And our answer is always the same. No, we don't.

We don't care for days. We care for:

Children: We have children in centers all over the world...they all have names. And they all have their own stories.

Milestones: Every day, teachers get to cheer alongside families for big "aha" moments...like I can walk!

Moms: A mom isn't just dropping off a baby - she's dropping of her baby. We take that seriously.

Dads: A dad isn't just dropping off a baby - he's dropping off his baby. We take that seriously, too.

Parents: No matter how many families we meet, a big "first" - first day, first step, first words - is a first for us, too.

Working parents: Moms and dads can't do their jobs unless they feel 100% confident we're doing ours. We make sure they go to work with confidence.

Daycare? Nah. In all of the above, what parents need to be able to walk out the door is the knowledge their child is going to be well taken care of...and that let's them take care of their day.

Days are just the time frame. That's why we call it child care.

We're happy to hear we've occasionally saved the day.

But we only care for people.
provide daycare
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