Take Your Child to Work Day

take your child to work day
We celebrated "Take Your Child to Work Day" at Bright Horizons last week (it was spring break here in MA so we took advantage of the timing).  We thought it would be fun to hear from both sides on the experience so we asked the participants each one question.

Parents: What's one thing you want your child to learn about your job at "Take Your Child To Work Day?"

  • They do know what I do, but it was nice to have them meet some of the people I work with and see me working in my office instead of when I work from home. Jennifer, Client Reporting
  • I want him to understand all the people and all the different types of jobs it takes to run a company - and that we all need to work together. I also wanted my son to get a sense of what I do every day. Thomas, Finance
  • I talk about my job all the time and how I help the centers with their AP related questions and how the invoices get processed. Having her come in and interact with the BH community has been refreshing. Miranda, Accounting
  • I want them to know that work can be fun...it isn't just boring paperwork and meetings all day. Abby, Marketing
  • I want my son to know that I work for a great company that cares about kids and families. Lee Anne, IT
  • I want them to learn that I don't "type" for a job.  Since they often see me on the computer typing they tend to believe that is my actual job.  I hope they learned today a little more about how I actually spend my time. Melissa, Client Relations
  • I want my son to see where I spend most of my time during the week.  It allowed him to experience my commute to see how long it actually is. Colleen, IT
  • I want my daughter to meet the people I work with every day, and to understand that we're all working together to accomplish a common goal. Emily, Marketing
  • I want her to know this is how I pay for groceries. Jonathan, Growth Team

Kids: What's one thing you learned about your parent's job at "Take Your Child To Work Day?"  

  • My mom helps clients and works with numbers. Dante, age 10
  • Mom does boring stuff and talks on the phone a lot. Roman, age 7
  • I learned how to use a spreadsheet, and I learned what a public company is and that I could buy a share of stock for $64. Anton, age 10
  • You have the best job in the world because you control Bright Horizons' computers....and you have nerf gun fights! Ethan, age 8
  • Daddy works in Watertown. Eva, age 3
  • My mom talks to companies and sells them services that help get kids into college.  I wish she worked in the IT department - they have more fun and have nerf guns! Ryan, age 9
  • My mom works with a lot of people and they all laugh a lot. Fiona, age 8
  • Mom gets all of the hot chocolate that she wants, and mints. (I think I might want an office job now.) Alex, age 8
  • Bright Horizons really likes to help kids. Sammy, 11
What's clear to see from the kid's responses is that Bright Horizons is a great place to work - full of games, snacks, number crunching, working together and helping kids - something their parents already knew.
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take your child to work day

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