Solutions at Work LIVE 2018 - It's ON!

solutions at work live 2018
Solutions at Work LIVE is on!

Our annual conference is just getting started in Pasadena.

What's on tap this year? We're putting innovation into your talent strategies.

It's tough out there right now. Unemployment is at rock bottom; Skills shortages are in the millions; employees have choices (lots of them!); and turnover is a real threat. Worse, important positions are sitting empty for months at a time. And it's not just any one field at stake: tech, finance, marketing, legal, customer service, and pretty much every other specialty are all feeling the heat. How are you going to get people in the door - and what are other employers doing?

Solutions at Work LIVE - Mining Today's Most Innovative Talent Strategies

For two days, leaders from across industries are joining us to talk about precisely those challenges: the difficulties they're facing, the strategies they're using; and the innovative ways they're recruiting new hires. They'll also upend the idea that hiring from outside is the only way to fill roles. And since strategy doesn't stop at filling jobs, we'll also be talking about engendering innovation once people are on the job.

"The war for talent is getting tougher, not just because of the shortage of skills," says our CEO Stephen Kramer, "but because of the increasingly complex job of competing for employees' attention." No matter what the industry, Stephen says, "there's never been a better - or more important - time to discuss innovation."

Check back in the days ahead for insights from the event.

Better yet, join the conversation today at #BHatWork and follow Bright Horizons at Work on Facebook.

Solutions at Work LIVE it's on!
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solutions at work live 2018

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