From Our Blog: A Q&A with Graduates of the Horizons Teacher Degree Program

Graduate of the Horizons Teacher Degree Program

Our teachers are central not only to what we do at Bright Horizons but who we are, and we recognize that investing in their professional development can have inspiring results both in and out of the classroom. Our educators are committed to nurturing your child’s individual growth and development, and by arming them with the latest in early childhood development, your little ones are getting the very best.

That’s why we were proud to announce the Horizons Teacher Degree Program last year, which provides early educators with the opportunity to earn their college degree – for free!

Today, we’re thrilled to speak with some of the program’s first graduates to learn what the program means to them and what the future has in store.

What does graduating/earning your degree mean to you?

“I have always wanted to work with children and watch them grow and learn. But I also wanted to be the best teacher I can be. So going to school to learn more about teaching and helping each child in any way I can means so much to me. And I am beyond proud of myself for getting it done. It was a struggle at times doing school and work full time and juggling family but now that I made it I am better and a stronger teacher for these kids.” -Amber: AA in Early Childhood Education

“Earning my degree was a big accomplishment for me. I worked really hard to get good grades and graduated with a 4.0 and was on the dean's list every semester. This just shows my dedication to teaching children. The Horizons program helped me to finish my degree in Early Childhood Education, which I had started many years ago.” -Natasha: AA in Early Childhood Education of Science - Child Development

“Graduating has been a dream come true for me, it has given me new opportunities to grow in the career that fulfills me, which is Early Childhood Education. Bright Horizons has given me an excellent opportunity to obtain my degree and also be able to continue my career in the field.” -Alma: AA in Early Childhood Education

“This education has meant the world to me, because it secures my position in the classroom as the lead Preschool Teacher. I have so much more to offer the center, my co-workers, the children and their families with this education. I stand taller and feel confident about talking through any area of concern, and I feel that I am becoming a well-educated, well-rounded teacher with this knowledge and my years of experience.” -Constance: AA in Early Childhood Education of Science

What are your future aspirations?

“To finish my BA in Early Childhood Education, that way I can learn even more.” -Amber

“I’m enrolling in college again this fall through the Horizons program to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and to continue serving our families with our excellent service. In the future I would love to become a Director and continue to play a role in children’s development and learning experiences.” -Alma

“My future aspiration is to get a Master’s Degree and become an Educator Coordinator. I want to spread my knowledge and love for teaching to other teachers and help them create classrooms where children can thrive.” -Constance

Congratulations, graduates! We thank you for all you do and can’t wait to follow along on your journey.

Horizons Teacher Degree Program: Overview

Hear more on the program from other early educators in our Bright Horizons centers.
  Editor’s Note: Click here for information on the Horizons Teacher Degree Program, or find a Bright Horizons child care center near you.
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Graduate of the Horizons Teacher Degree Program

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