Bright Horizons CEO: Leader with the Right Message

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We've always known that Dave Lissy is one awesome CEO. 

And we're thrilled that the world knows it, too.

"Culture is Our Competitive Advantage" profiled our company chief - his history at the company, how he's helped us become one of Massachusetts' top places to work, and his hard work keeping up the positive culture we're so proud of - and provided insight into what makes our company tick.

"Our culture is our competitive advantage," he told the publication, "so I try to create leaders with the right message and I do a lot of work making sure we're growing the right way."

Read the whole article, here.

Positive Culture that Flows from the Top Down

We're so proud of our culture and our CEO. An extra shout out for this apt description of our friendly offices:

Walking into the headquarters of Bright Horizons in Watertown is reminiscent of the first day of kindergarten: the walls are bright orange, the air smells fresh and pine-like, and the sound of children laughing tinkles in the distance.

That pretty much sums us up. But thanks to Dave, you're likely to hear the sound of happy employees, too (under the heading of doing whatever it takes, that's Dave judging our Chili cook-off, above).

At Bright Horizons, we know positive culture is important - and ours flows from the top down.

Thanks, Dave!

Read more, here.
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positive culture

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