Mindfulness Practices for Your Personal Life and Life at Work

Young female looking happy and mindful at work

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and, as the country starts to recover from the pandemic, many Americans are making their mental health a priority, both at home and at work. 

When we think of mental health, we commonly think about our level of psychological and emotional wellness. How much stress are we experiencing; are we in control of the issues in our lives, or are they controlling us? We are constantly advised about how important proper nutrition, exercise, and leisure activities are to promoting positive mental health. Thus, most of us naturally think that mental health has something to do with the inter-relationship between our brains, our hearts, and our bodies. 

While I agree that it’s essential to consider these three components as we seek positive mental health, I strongly believe that our unique human spirit, as well as mindfulness, are the most vital. Your human spirit is the most basic and fundamental emotional core of your being. If we only focus on the body, the mind, and the heart, I firmly believe that we are only treating the symptoms of stress and mental health issues. Instead, it’s the human spirit that needs attention — it’s the center of our resilience and life energy. 

There are many techniques that you can, and should, use to create a more balanced human spirt and mindful lifestyle. Here are a few things that can help you throughout the day: 

Energize yourself in the morning with positive thoughts, emotions, prayers, and/or mediation. With a busy work schedule ahead of you, it’s especially important to take time to kick-off your day in a positive mindset. 

Give yourself a much-needed mental break in your workday. Step away from your workspace for lunch, reset with an outdoor walk after a long meeting, or take a few minutes to catch up on your newsfeed or favorite social platform. 

Find your happy place and people that can help you refocus and find the joy in the work you do. Whether that’s a calendar block to call a friend or family member or a kitchen meet-up with a co-worker, reconnecting to your human spirit through conversation can really put you back in the right mindset to finish your day. 

Creating a daily lifestyle built on mindfulness is key to your success. Using these techniques in all areas of your life — in both personal and professional settings — will help you maintain a level of calmness, clarity, and resilience.

For a more detailed conversation on mindfulness practices, tune into our webinar recording presented by Troy University here


Dr. Jeff Ickes, Professor, Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation and Interpreter Training; Troy University and Jen Meeks, Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker; Tory University

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Young female looking happy and mindful at work